Hi, I’m Steph!

I’m a creative business coach & consultant living in Toronto, Canada with my dog Bruno. 🐶

My work life is all about supporting thoughtful, values-based entrepreneurs in building build a life and business that feels sustainable, fun, and intentional to run. I do this through business coaching, systems design, and in my business community, The Profoundery.

I am an educator for Learn With Shopify, and have taught classes in partnership with Creative Mornings and Make Lemonade. I also run my own podcast called Slowpreneur: Business without the Busy, which aims to spark conversations about new ways of living and working. 🎙

It’s a true honour to work with such amazing clients and to be able to devote my time, energy and skillset to lifting up the kinds of work I want to see more of in the world. Thanks for being here! If you want to learn more about my philosophies & approach, you can watch my free productivity workshop here, read articles here, or join my newsletter list here. Or just send me an email! I’d love to hear from you. 💌

PS. My all-time favourite activities are having inspiring conversations with like-minded souls, curling up with a good book, using lots of emojis, and playing with my puppy. You too? I think we’ll get along. 📚