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Ask Steph: 5 Unconventional Ways to Stay Focused & Productive in Your Work – Stephanie Pellett Creative

5 Weird Ways to Stay Focused in Your Business

Having trouble with your focus lately? I don’t blame you! The world is noisy and full of distractions. But if you’re trying to reclaim your productivity, here are my five favourite unconventional strategies to get things done at work.

How to Beat Resistance & Stop Procrastinating

We all need to develop strategies to fight that sneaky, insidious force known as resistance, which tries to hold us back from our best work. In this video, I’m sharing six of my favourite strategies for combatting resistance and getting back to the work that matters most.

6 Things to Do When You Get Stuck (in Business)

Have you ever had an amazing idea, but then gotten super stuck when trying to execute it? You’re not alone! We all struggle to find our momentum sometimes. Here are a few of my favourite strategies for getting unstuck next time it happens.