How to Do More in Less Time as an Entrepreneur

It’s hard to stay motivated and productive as a busy entrepreneur! Life gets busy, things feel overwhelming, and it can be hard to maintain perspective and focus. Here are a few tips to keep in mind while getting things done in your business.

How to Break Down a Big Project Into Tasks – Stephanie Pellett Creative

How to Break Down a Big Project Into Tasks

If you want to make big things happen, you’ll need to have a solid process in place that helps you break down daunting projects into manageable steps. There are five key things that I do every time I need to make progress on an overwhelming project.

3 Best Chrome Extensions for Productivity | Stephanie Pellett Creative

3 Best Google Chrome Extensions for Productivity

Every so often, a tool comes along that makes things easier in one area of my work life and really boosts my productivity in small but mighty ways. In this post, I’m sharing 3 of my favourite Google Chrome extensions (that I use daily!) plus three others I love.