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There are so many things that can get in the way of starting or growing a business – getting clarity on your next steps, having enough accountability to get things done, figuring out better systems to reduce the overwhelm, or understanding how to talk about your stuff. Add in a bit of imposter syndrome and a few limiting beliefs, and you have a recipe for getting stuck. 🙅🏻‍♀️

My job is to help you get unstuck. To let you brain dump out all your ideas, so we can make a plan. To coach you through the sticky stuff, so that you have more confidence to launch & share. To share ideas for better systems so that things flow more smoothly. 🚀

Together, we’ll figure out your own unique path. Because the world needs more of your magic, and I want to help you make it happen. ✨



If you’re feeling lost, stuck or in any state of confusion with regards to the direction of your business, working with Steph is an absolute MUST. When we first started working together, Eco-Friendly Events was only an idea and now it’s a real-live business.

With a million and one thoughts, ideas and tasks on my mind, Steph has this magical gift of taking those ideas, gathering them together and putting them into a neat little action plan. She helped me navigate next steps at every stage which took a lot of stress out of figuring it all out. I cannot rave more about the incredible impact and support that Steph has given me and have no doubt that I would not be where I am today without it.

Romina Kwong | Eco-Friendly Events

How Can I Help? 👋🏼

Need more support in running your business? I’m here for you! You can check out my current offerings below 

Coaching Club 👯‍♀️

Super-flexible, book-em-when-you-need-em coaching sessions! Only available to current & former clients.


Slowpreneur Session 🐌

Book a one-time coaching session to talk through your business strategy, systems & self-care to reset & plan for the future.


Launch Sessions 🚀

Work with me 1:1 to set up better systems, launch a new course, or figure out your new offerings in a fully customized way.

The Profoundery Plus ✨

I also offer 1:1 calls every month for Profoundery Plus members! That means regularly-scheduled, personalized support on top of your (awesome) community membership. 😍


Steph is a wonderful, supportive and inspiring mind to work with! Her coaching kept me accountable in a way that I truly enjoyed each week, allowing me to complete the necessary steps to grow my business in a way that felt supported and nurtured. Instead of attaching to big, shiny, new ideas, Steph helped me to focus my energy on what was working and to not get lost in the infinite number of options. It’s given me the confidence and community I needed to push past my own imposter syndrome and self-doubt. 

The months I spent working with Steph have been life changing for me and for the future of my business.

Cynthia ArscottGold Minds

What I Believe ❤️

Let’s get to know each other a little better! Here are some of the values & ideas that I bring into my business coaching.

You’re Not Broken

There’s nothing wrong with you, and you don’t need to change who you are to succeed. Let’s build on your strengths, not fixate on limitations.

You Know the Answers

I am not your guru. You have so many ideas & insights within you, and I see it as my job to pull them out through careful questions & observations.

You Have Time

I’m a slowpreneur, so I’m not in a rush! I believe we’re all playing the long game, so we’ll focus on creating sustainable strategies that last.

You Are Unique

There are no one-size-fits-all strategies for business or life. Together we’ll come up with plans & next steps that are bespoke to you.

You Are Needed

You started your business for a reason: to help or delight people. My job is to make sure we get your work to those who need it most.

There are no magic bullets in business, and all the “best practices” in the world won’t help if we don’t start with who you are.
My job is to get to know you, so we can figure out what’ll work for your business.

PS. Want to chat first? ☎️

I get it! It’s important to make sure that I’m the right coach for you. Let’s make sure that our values are aligned and that we’re on the same page.

Book a call below for us to connect further. If I can offer you advice or support when we talk, I will! No pressure, no selling.