Coaching Club ⚡️

Did you miss me? The feeling is mutual.

Here's the good news: We already know we're good together. We get along, and through our work we've made some awesome things happen in your business. Oh, and most importantly? I'm already extremely invested in your success, your business, and your work-life balance. Pretty dreamy LTR, I'd say!

The bad news? We haven't worked together in a while. 😭

You might be needing a boost in brainstorming, or a quick hit of strategy, or just some plain old accountability. I wanted to make it easier for you to get the support you need!

Introducing Coaching Club: super flexible coaching packages for beloved current and former clients.

How It Works

If we've worked together before, the process is as simple as can be!

You choose your desired package of coaching calls & let me know what's been going on in your business lately.

You schedule your sessions according to your needs! Book them close together or space them out: whatever works for you. 

We meet, strategize, and talk things through in order to help you find the clarity and support you're looking for.


Who can join the Coaching Club?

I'm only offering flexible sessions like these to clients that I've worked with before for at least 3 months. This applies to those who have taken part in a Launch Sessions package, The Foundery, or The Profoundery.

I'm not a previous ongoing client of yours. Can I still join the Coaching Club?

Unfortunately, no. These are 60-minute sessions, and they will be much more effective with us having had a more substantial foundation and relationship built in our work together previously. If you want to become a client of mine, I'd recommend my community coaching program, The Profoundery.

What do I need in order to take part?

We'll be meeting virtually, so you'll need a good internet connection and a Zoom account.

When do these calls happen?

Whenever you want! After registering for your desired number of sessions, you'll receive a link to a scheduler that will allow you to book sessions at whatever time will be most conducive to your schedule.

Is there a time limit on using my sessions?

Yes. The time limit depends on the number of calls in your package and will be specified at checkout, but in all cases you have several months in which to book.

Do I get my lifetime alumni discount?

Of course! In this case though, I've actually baked the discount into the price itself since these sessions are only available to former clients. Rest assured that what you're seeing at checkout is 15% off my current program fees, and this will always be the case.

Join the Coaching Club! ⚡️

Two Pack

  • Two 60-minute coaching sessions
  • Schedule whenever, within 3 months


plus HST

Four Pack

  • Four 60-minute coaching sessions
  • Schedule whenever, within 6 months


plus HST

Six Pack

  • Six 60-minute coaching sessions
  • Schedule whenever, within 1 year


plus HST

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