Thank you for being a part of this community.

This community was of course created to support your business, but it was equally created to support you as a human being: to help you bust through your limiting beliefs, connect with like-minded people, and find the confidence to show up exactly as you are.

But in order for all these things to be possible, we first have to build a community that respects & celebrates human beings from all walks of life. And that's where you come in. You play a huge role in making this space feel welcome, fun, and safe for all who enter it. Through each of our actions, we can build the community (and world!) that we want to live in.

Below you'll find the eight ideas that make up the values of The Profoundery. If you look closely, you'll notice that they spell out the word profound, which is my dream for what this community can become. Not just another superficial networking group, but a place where profound change & growth can occur. With your help, I think we can make that dream a reality.

With love & gratitude,


Our Community Values

In this community, these are the characteristics that we try to embody.



We are optimistic, hopeful and positive when interacting with one another. We try to stay focused on finding easy, accessible solutions to our challenges.



We are inclusive and treat everyone with respect. We do not tolerate the use of discriminatory language or actions of any kind, against any group of people.


We are excited to learn from one another! We stay open-minded & open-hearted in our interactions. We are non-hierarchical and egalitarian.



We know that a rising tide lifts all boats! We always prioritize human connection over business competition. We are here to make friends, learn & grow together.



Whenever we can be, we try to be helpful & generous with one another. We lend a hand wherever one is needed, in ways big & small. We are kind.



We are gentle and compassionate towards ourselves and to others. We try to understand our actions and those of others, rather than judge them.



"We can talk about about that here." In this community, we can show up exactly as we are and trust that we will not be judged. We are real with each other.


It's not called The Profoundery for nothing! We go deep here. We are always searching for "the thing beneath the thing" and finding new layers to ourselves.