How can I create a sustainable content schedule?

I hate to break it to you, but there’s no one-size-fits-all strategy for anything in your business, and creating content is no exception!

Many of the clients I work with actually struggle more with their content because they’re trying to follow a step-by-step content strategy guide they downloaded from some “business guru” instead of figuring out what would work best for themselves and their audience.

The last thing you need is a rigid checklist of the number of times you’re “supposed” to be creating Instagram stories or Clubhouse chats every week for “maximum effect”. One of my favourite maxims is “Nobody knows anything,” and it applies here too.

Anyone who tells you that they have the be-all-end-all answer for your unique content strategy is just selling you something.

That’s not to say that there aren’t helpful guidelines to keep in mind when it comes to creating a content strategy for your business. Of course there absolutely are! There are certain ideas & tips that can help you develop content that will be fun for you to create and useful for the person consuming it.

That’s where this week’s video comes in! I’m sharing five tips for developing a smart content plan that you’ll actually be able to stick to!

What’s your content strategy?

No matter what kind of business you run, it’s a good idea to be creating content that serves your customer. Helpful content helps you build trust with your audience & establishes you as an expert in your field. These are crucial ingredients to helping you convert your followers into customers! So yes, prioritize content creation. Just don’t fall into the trap of thinking that there’s only one way to do it!

What kind of content are you inspired to create after watching this video? What kinds of content do you most enjoy consuming from other businesses? I’d love to hear in the comments below or over on Instagram @stephpellett.

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