I want to help you do your best work.

I create courses and workshops to help you stay focused, motivated, and energized to bring more of your magic to the world. Whether that's by limiting distractions or overhauling your business systems, I'm here to help you get back to work. Explore my current courses below.

Ready, Set, Goals

In this self-paced video course, I'm going to teach you all my favourite principles & techniques for setting goals that feel doable, exciting, and fun to work towards. We're talking about motivation, tracking, celebrations, targets, accountability and much more! At the end of this course, you'll be fully equipped to set goals that you can actually accomplish.


Operations 101 – Stephanie Pellett Creative

Operations 101: Do More In Less Time

We get it, staying productive as an entrepreneur seems just about impossible. Not only is your to-do list always a mile long, but you're also somehow supposed to find the time to launch your biggest, dreamiest business goals. How do you get it all done? Let's stop dreaming about how to do more in less time... and start actually moving the needle in your business.

This course will help you reframe the idea of what it means to "do more" and get more of the right things accomplished.

Inbox Zero 101 – A Workshop From Stephanie Pellett Creative

Inbox Zero 101

With just a bit of mindfulness and a good Spring cleaning, your inbox can transform into a fun, useful technology that makes you feel calm and collected. A tool that adds to your life and work day rather than taking away from it. We can't control every single email that we receive, but we can control how we deal with email, how we process it, organize it, and streamline it.

Take control of your email inbox and get back to doing the work that matters.