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Reflection prompts to identify problems & find solutions

Are you struggling to figure out your next step?

When you're an entrepreneur, you wear so many hats. You race through your day trying to get things done, but in the back of your mind you're also daydreaming about your next project. You want to get to the next level, but can't figure out when to fit it all in! Sound about right?

It's so easy to get overwhelmed by all our options, our overflowing inboxes and all the demands on our time. How often do we carve out space to just think? Not often enough.

I believe that reflection is the remedy. As a coach, I may have opinions, tips or strategies for figuring out your next steps, but I also believe that you know more than you think you know. By giving yourself space to breathe, think, and reflect, the answers will come pouring out of you. What does your heart say? What are you desperate to build? What's hurting in your business right now?

Dropping In Questionnaire – Stephanie Pellett Creative
Dropping In Questionnaire – Stephanie Pellett Creative

If you're having trouble finding that clarity in your own business, I'd love to send you my signature Dropping In Questionnaire (I send it to all my clients!) to get you reflecting on the gaps & opportunities in your specific business and help you draw a map to where you want to go.

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