How to Navigate a Business Slump 🙃 - SlowpreneurSometimes you lose the love for your business. You hit a wall (financial, emotional, or otherwise) and feel like you can’t go on anymore. You fantasize about getting a part-time job at Indigo (just me?!) and wonder if you’re even cut out for this whole entrepreneurship thing after all. You’re in some business burnout. I’ve been there! I’m actually there right now!

In this episode, I’m sharing the story of my own slump, which I am only now *slowly* starting to emerge from. It’s been a hard few years, and that’s taken a toll on all of us humans running businesses, myself included. I’m also giving you some ideas for what you can do if you cannot summon the energy to “dream big!” in your business right now. It’s okay. I believe it will pass. Here’s how I’ve been supporting myself until I can fully come out on the other side of burnout.

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