Today on the show, I’m creating some space for Sonja Seiler of Nurture to share her story of burnout recovery, and speak to the subtle shifts & changes to her retreat as a result of her experiences throughout the pandemic. Sonja is one of my best friends & favourite collaborators, and it was such a gift to get to connect with her and make meaning out of what she’s been going through over the past few years. ❤️

This episode is perfect for anyone who has been struggling with burnout and is trying to find new inspiration and new ways of being in the world. Tune in to hear how Sonja is learning to nurture herself and allow herself to be nurtured by others, how our Fall retreat will be different from previous iterations, how important it is to tell the truth, and the movie scene that made us both cry while recording. It’s a thoughtful and honest conversation and we hope you can find some solace or reassurance inside.

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