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What do you do, exactly?

My Dad asks me this all the time! I call myself a creative consultant, which to me means that I help creative entrepreneurs build towards their goals & establish a stronger foundation for their businesses. Currently, I do this through individual coaching, my group strategy program The Foundery, and teaching workshops & online courses.

What kind of clients do you work with?

The best kind! My clients tend to be heart-centered, values-based entrepreneurs with a lot of passion for what they do. They're generally great listeners with big ideas, but often struggle to follow through on their best-laid plans. As for what industry they're in, it varies widely! I've worked with natural fertility specialists, a self-care retreat, a psychic medium and everything in between.

What's it like to work with you?

My approach is a blend of unconditional positive regard, mild teasing to get you out of your head, practical advice to get you unstuck, and lightning-fast tech support, all rolled into one. We have fun, but we also get a lot done. You can also see what clients have said about working with me right here!

What's your favourite part of your job?

There's this moment I get to experience often, when something goes from dream to reality. When I work with clients, we come up with a vision for how their website/gift card/workflow/system would look and feel, and there's nothing more gratifying than watching that come to life. You know when something just feels right? That. And I love watching clients' faces when they experience that moment too.

What are your company policies?

Great question! All of my company policies are listed on this page. If we begin working together, you will also sign a contract that lists these same policies.

Can I hire you for a workshop or a talk?

Absolutely you can! In the past I've given talks on productivity, email management and business systems, automations & workflows. Send me a message here telling me what you have in mind & we'll go from there!

Who took all your amazing photos?

Aren't they wonderful?! All the photos on my website were taken by Amber Ellis of Creating Light Studio, who is a magician with light. On my Instagram account I've also shared photos taken by Giulia Moltisanti Photography, who is likewise amazing.

What tool would you recommend for XYZ?

There are so many incredible tools on the internet! You can see some of my absolute faves (the ones I use all the time) on this page. Everything else I would recommend lives in my database of tools called The Appothecary.

What do you do when you're not working?

Mostly, I read! It's my favourite hobby – my goal for the year is to read 100 books. I also like to spend time on patios with my friends, watch RuPaul's Drag Race, write my personal blog, and be in nature as much as humanly possible.