You're ready to build the next phase of your business, but you don't know where to start.

Here's what I think you probably need more of:

Accountability & Community

Entrepreneurial life can be a lonely echo chamber. You want cheerleaders and thought partners to guide you as you expand.

Specific Strategic Directions

Your business is completely unique to you, and the strategies you use to grow should be too.

Technical Tutorials

You need help finding the right tools, putting them into practice, and figuring out how to use them.

Thoughtful Feedback

We all need people around us who can act as sounding boards & miniature focus groups for our ideas.

So many of the entrepreneurs I work with are experiencing what I like to call Founder Overwhelm, that familiar blend of self-doubt, fear, inspiration, and uncertainty. They don't know which project to work on first, or how to find the people who need what they have to offer, or how to set up that system that'll change their (business) life.

In my experience, the only antidote is to gather people around you who can help you cut through the noise, give you the feedback you need to move forward, and help you tune back in to the truth within you that already knows the next right step to take.

This is what I strive to offer all of the entrepreneurs I work with as they set their sights high and dream big. I remind them that we can't do everything, but we can do important things. That progress often moves slower than we'd like it to, but that we are capable of so much more than we know. That the world needs what you're offering, so we need to make sure your business is sustainable so you can continue to be of service.

Selected Client Projects

The Vault is a digital and print magazine produced by With/out Pretend, which is home to intimate stories by women.

Nurture: A Retreat is a curated weekend full of creativity, community, & self care for entrepreneurial women.

Red Tent Sisters TV is a popular YouTube channel sharing information about fertility, sexuality and women's health.

Nicole Kagan – The Foundery – Stephanie Pellett Creative

Do you sometimes feel alone running a small business or struggle with where to aim your focus, attention and efforts?

If so, hire this woman. She was born to support amazing people who run their own businesses.

I think we all could use a Steph in our lives. Not only is she fantastic at what she does on a practical level, she also brings great depth and fun to the process.

Nicole Kagan | Nicole Kagan Design



How It Works

Three heart-centred entrepreneurs

Intentionally curated into a group by yours truly.

Six month commitment

To work towards your goals as a collective that collaborates with & supports one another.

Boundless guidance & strategy

From me, and from each other. We all have so much to both learn and teach.

What's Included

  • One monthly 3-hour group strategy session where each entrepreneur gets a 'hot seat' to work through specific business challenges, focused work time, and hands-on support
  • One monthly 1-hour individual coaching call to problem solve & plan ahead
  • Access to a private Slack channel where I'll hold virtual office hours every week for accountability, strategic support, tech help & more
  • Assigned personalized "homework" and action steps to take between meetings
  • Free access to The Appothecary and Inbox Zero 101
  • Free access to my live workshops while in the program

PS. This is probably the last time I will run this program in this specific format! If you have been on the fence, now's the best time to join. 😍



with a six-month commitment, billed monthly, plus HST. 

Dimple Mukherjee – Stephanie Pellett Creative

I have most appreciated the in person piece of this experience and being led by such as an amazing and talented woman like Stephanie. It's so rare to find a business coach who is also has the tech skills to fix things on the spot so that you don't get stuck in the "technicalities".

I also loved the size of the group. It was intimate and small which allowed for a lot of in depth sharing and personal attention. Stephanie inspires you to give it your best shot and she'll be there to pick up the falling pieces.

Dimple Mukherjee | Coach & Speaker


Is The Foundery the right fit?

Let's get real: this format won't work for everyone! Here are some clues that it'll be great for you:

✔ You're excited to collaborate with other entrepreneurs in your community
✔ You have a strong work ethic & love to get things done
✔ You know that good & important things take time to build
✔ You're committed to the long game
✔ You have an abundance mindset
✔ You believe in community over competition

✘ You're totally happy with how your business runs right now (which is amazing!)
✘ You're looking for a magic bullet solution to your business problems
✘ You're expecting overnight success
✘ You're looking for a virtual assistant who will execute everything for you (I do know a couple great ones I could put you in touch with!)

Bottom Line:

If you're a thoughtful, values-driven entrepreneur in search of more community, who believes in abundance and is ready to take things to the next level of your business, you'll probably fit right in.

Andrea Bonsey – The Foundery – Stephanie Pellett Creative

Steph is a beautiful, playful, encourager, really allowing those who have the privilege of working with her to develop inner courage and confidence in what they do and what they can offer.

It is hard to describe to people what she does, as her skills and strengths are diverse, ranging from motivational, highly creative big-picture offerings, to practical, focused, detail-oriented attention.

I have needed and benefited immensely from all of it. And enjoyed every moment.

Andrea Bonsey | Navigation Counselling


Why is this a group program?

I work with a lot of entrepreneurs, and one of the most common issues I see is that they spend a lot of time alone with their thoughts and fears. Entrepreneurial life is hard! It involves a ton of work, energy and hard lessons, and those are not easy things to deal with alone. I also believe we're better together! No matter what kind of business we have, we can be inspired by other people's perspectives & ideas.

Will I like the other entrepreneurs in my cohort?

Every person who takes part in The Foundery is kind, smart, funny, interesting, and full of integrity. I also personally review each group in order to have members that feel aligned and complementary to one another, and I take my role as match-maker very seriously! So yes, I think you will love them.

What if someone uses my business ideas or shares my private information?

The very practical answer is that everyone who joins The Foundery (including myself) will sign a non-disclosure agreement that pertains to what we discuss in our sessions. But the real answer is that every person who joins The Foundery will be someone who believes that collaboration is more important than competition and understands that there is enough to go around. Also, each entrepreneur's business will be so different that borrowing similar techniques or ideas would never take away from what you're doing.

Why does this require a six month commitment?

I've worked with a lot of entrepreneurs over the years, and the times when our work together has been the most fruitful have been when that person is ready to commit for the long game. Six months is the perfect amount of time to plan a big launch, or to upgrade your systems & processes, or to track your progress towards your goals. Big ideas take time to incubate, as well as time to monitor to see whether your efforts are working as predicted. I also think there's something really special about the kinds of relationships that get built over a longer period of time, and the support that can arise because of them.

What do you mean by office hours?

Excellent question! What I mean is that twice weekly at a designated time, I'll check into our Slack channel. I'll use the time to answer your questions, be your accountability buddy, or help you strategize or trouble-shoot.

What do you mean by a 'hot seat'?

During each live group session, each entrepreneur will get a set amount of time to bring ideas, questions, and challenges to the group. We'll all work together to strategize around your problem and provide feedback as needed. I'll also be able to jump in to provide hands-on tech support, research and guidance as needed.

What are your policies around anti-racism?

I am working hard to dismantle the systems of white supremacy in my own business and become an actively anti-racist person and business owner. All members of The Foundery are understood to be doing the same work in their own lives & businesses! You can see my full statement & policies on this right here.

What else happens in the group sessions?

I intentionally keep the format fairly loose so that we can adapt to whatever feels important to the group that month! Some months we might have short working sprints to actually make progress on goals, sometimes one member might want to practice for an upcoming presentation, or maybe another wants the group to brainstorm ideas for their content or FAQ page. The time is protected, so we can be flexible within it.

I'm not in Toronto, can I still join?

Yes! The Foundery is currently being held online due to social distancing recommendations, so all are welcome regardless of where you live.

Where will we be meeting?

Our group sessions will take place virtually, on Zoom.

I don't have a big product to launch, can I still join?

Absolutely! I've designed the format to work for whatever you're working on, whether that's ongoing maintenance for your business or designing your Next Big Thing. During each meeting, you can use your hot seat time to discuss anything you wish, even if that's a question like, "how can I unwind at the end of the work day?". The time is yours.

I haven't started my business yet, can I still join?

Yes, but with a caveat! The Foundery is built to help you execute on your goals, so it works best if you have specific projects & ideas to implement. As long as you have a clear vision of the business you're hoping to build, it would be a great fit.

Why is this program called The Foundery?

This is another Sonja Seiler original! A foundry is a place where metal is forged, and we loved the idea that The Foundery could be a place where stronger, better businesses and authentic connections could be forged!

Join The Foundery



with a six-month commitment, billed monthly, plus HST

The Foundery will run again from July - December, 2020. There are three spots available.

Reminder: After this round of The Foundery, the format will be changing. If you know you want to take part in this group in its current form, join us! ❤️