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January – June 2020

Brooke Hutchison

Empowering women through breast health 

Brooke is a passionate breast health advocate and holistic nutritionist. Her mission is to spread the awareness of the power of food, herbs, & story as ways of healing and to connect people to their own breast health and wellbeing.

Camille Byrne

Bringing beauty and function into your everyday

Camille is the founder of CAMBIE Design, a company that creates thoughtful, high-quality textiles to enrich your home. Their products provide comfort, curiosity, creativity, and spark interesting conversations.

October 2019 – March 2020

Lee-Anne Bigwood

Noticing, observing, and participating in Toronto

A self-described 'professional noticer'; Lee-Anne has a keen eye for specifics and gets excited by nuance and the finer points of a project. She is currently the Program Manager for the StopGap Foundation.

Romina Kwong

Making events more sustainable

Romina wants to make festivals and events of all kinds more sustainable and green. Her business will involve consulting with event organizers to make their offerings more eco-friendly and learn to handle their waste management in a more sustainable way.

Anna Toth

Helping people feel better about themselves and their relationships

Anna is an experienced and respected psychotherapist who has been providing service for twenty years. Her practice offers individual, couple and family therapy, sex therapy, clinical supervision and consultation and training to non-profit organizations.

July – December, 2019

Andrea Rawson

Helping people touched by grief, special needs, and emotional issues

Andrea is a Registered Social Worker providing individual, couple, and family therapy. She provides a flexible, gentle, and collaborative approach to talking with people about the problems that are influencing their lives in order to find respectful and effective solutions together.

Mira Dineen

Helping us navigate big life changes and the daunting task of "figuring it all out"

Mira is a therapist, wellness coach, and mental health consultant for institutions. Her clients say she has a knack for gentle, curious questions leading to profound realizations and meaningful change. She combines clinical skills with authenticity, empathy, and a healthy dose of humour.

April – September, 2019

Dimple Mukherjee

Helping women come together to cultivate compassion and connection

Dimple is a coach, speaker, and facilitator of women's circles. She believes in practicing self-care and self-compassion, and uses tools like journaling, meditation, continued learning, spiritual guides and connecting with her community to live her most vibrant life & helping her clients do the same.

Kate Smalley

Celebrating those who are uncommonly good at their craft

Kate is a blogger, YouTuber, writer, thinker and crafter who runs the blog Tracing Threads. She is starting a boutique to highlight makers who make the things the world needs more of: objects that are handmade with love. You can learn more about Craft Uncommon on Instagram here.

Katie Benfey

Telling our love stories through photography

Katie is an incredibly talented wedding & family photographer with an eye for the special, candid moments that make up a life. She wants to capture your memories forever, so that you can preserve and honour them fully throughout your life. Also, her kindness & spirit bring her photos to life in a very special way.

January – June, 2019

Nicole Kagan

Connecting us to ourselves through creativity and mindfulness

Nicole is a visual artist & facilitator of creative experiences. She works with artistic practices and techniques to help people connect to themselves more deeply through breath work, meditation, and exercises that help us see the world through new eyes.

Andrea Bonsey

Listening deeply, and kindly, gently & firmly challenging and guiding us

Andrea is a registered Psychotherapist and Career Counsellor who provides thoughtful wisdom and holds space for her clients through private sessions and group workshops. She brings a gentle but playful approach and is among the world's best listeners.

Erin Ciona

Bringing us psychic guidance and intuitive wisdom with peace and clarity

Erin is a thoughtful, soulful intuitive guide who brings us psychic guidance through all her offerings. She provides individual psychic readings and has a vibrant Instagram account full of wisdom to help guide your days. Learning from her is a joy.

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