Am I talking about you?

✔ Your inbox is a messy blend of opened, unopened, flagged and starred messages

✔ You're exhausted by the endless emails you get daily & regularly leave emails to respond to later (or never)

✔ You're frustrated by the amount of time you spend in your inbox daily when you know you have more important work to do

Email doesn't have to be the enemy.

In fact, it can be a pal! As we all know, email can be the source of exciting new opportunities, cool clients who want to work with you, and interesting inquiries to ponder. The problem is, if we let it get out of hand it becomes a seemingly endless pile of messages to be tackled – a source of stress, and a drain on our energy.

The good news is that with just a bit of mindfulness and a good Spring cleaning, your inbox can transform into a fun, useful technology that makes you feel calm and controlled. A tool that adds to your life and work day rather than taking away from it. We can't control every single email that we receive, but we can control how we deal with email, how we process it, organize it, and streamline it.

Dear fairy email godmother, thank you so much for such an incredible workshop! It's literally changed my life. I feel so much more organized and the idea of adding more organization feels like it's being built on a solid ground now.

Life changing, and I don't say that lightly. You saw the hot mess that was my email before! Never again!

Brittney Mishio | Dombri Design



What We'll Cover

1. Philosophies

How to set boundaries around your time & energy, and create processes for managing incoming messages.

2. Organizing

Learn the nitty-gritty of re-evaluating what you're letting in, and how to filter, sort & manage your mail.

3. Maintaining

Great apps, tips and resources for managing incoming messages on an ongoing basis.

4. Slowing the Flow

Adopting new strategies for reducing the number of emails you receive.

You'll need:

→ A computer & a email account
→ A notebook + pen or your favourite note-taking app

As a creative, I love having flow and freedom in my work. But having thousands of emails in my inbox doesn't feel like freedom! This workshop was a breath of fresh air. It went beyond just tips and tricks for having a zero inbox (of which there were many!), but much deeper into creating space, healthy boundaries, and daily ease in our businesses. I walked away feeling incredibly inspired, supported and motivated. I highly recommend this workshop!

Amber Ellis | Creating Light Studio



Inbox Zero 101 Online

+ Self-paced, start anytime

+ 9 video lessons

+ 8 hands-on exercises

+ Custom workbook with worksheets & resources


One time payment, plus HST.

Inbox Zero 101 Live

+ 3 hour in-person workshop

+ Hands-on support with your inbox

+ Worksheets & resources


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Inbox Zero 101 for Organizations

Want to learn how to manage email as a team? I also offer custom private workshops for organizations. I'll work with you to design a curriculum tailored to your team's unique pain points and tools and deliver it onsite at your office.

Packages are available for small boutique teams and larger organizations, get in touch here to learn more.