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Can you give me a sneak peek of The Profoundery?

Dear Steph,

As a loyal fan of all you do and all you stand for, I find myself attracted to the Profoundery but I am curious (in spite of reading your beautiful sales page 5 times lol) what it will actually be like to be a member, experientially.

Can you take us on a bit of a tour? How do you foresee me (a potential member) actually using what this program offers and fitting it into my day or routine?

Thanks in advance!

Profoundly Interested

Ask Steph: What is The Profoundery Like Inside? – Stephanie Pellett CreativeI would absolutely love to show you around!

What a juicy question!

I’ll admit it: The Profoundery is a bit unique, as an offering. It’s part community, part coaching program, part resource library, part accountability group, part monthly surprise grab bag!

I know better than anyone that this combination of features makes the program hard to explain before you’ve actually experienced it.

And to be honest, even I don’t know yet what it might become.

The beauty of a community program like this one is that it is shaped by its members. It will grow and evolve and get richer with each entrepreneur who joins. 

But that being said, yes! I can give you a tour, and I can tell you some of the ways I can imagine members using the space. Here we go!

Tour The Profoundery

In this walkthrough, I’m taking you inside The Profoundery member dashboard to see our resource library, monthly schedule, community values and account management tools. We’ll also take a peek at the Slack account for the program so you can get to know all of the different channels for interacting with other members and staying accountable to your goals! Finally, I’ll share a bit more information about some of the other features of the program, including live calls and your private newsletter.

How to Use The Profoundery

This is by no means an exhaustive list, but here are a few ideas for how you might incorporate this program into your (busy!) work life.

1. Show up for Magic Mondays

Every week on Monday, you’ll get a little prompt on Slack asking you to share your goals & intentions for the week ahead. At some point that day, take some time to look at your calendar, plan your time, and figure out your top priorities. The best part? You get to be inspired by other members and what they’re working on! Next Monday, we’ll do it all again! And just like that, you’re working a bit more intentionally than you were before.

Ask Steph: What is The Profoundery Like Inside? – Stephanie Pellett Creative2. Show up for our live calls

Each month, we’ll have at least one live call, and many months we’ll have two! This might be a Q&A session, a live coaching session, a Productivity Party, or a workshop. This live accountability structure is designed to help you get your butt in the chair and focused on your work.

Even if the rest of the month you feel scattered, you can trust that for those few hours, you’ll be on task and prioritizing your business. The photo shown here is from one of the Productivity Parties I ran earlier this year. Rest assured that our Profoundery groups will be just as welcoming & fun!

3. Ask for help when you need it

While I don’t recommend that you spend all your time in The Profoundery Slack account (that might actually be MORE distracting!), I want you to build the habit of heading there to ask for feedback. Here are some examples of things you might ask for help with:

  • You need a system that does X in your business but you keep getting stuck. Does anyone have any ideas?
  • Or perhaps you feel creatively blocked and don’t know which business offering to start with. Let’s have the community weigh in!
  • You might need a bit more accountability in getting a project done. You announce what you’re working on to help you stay focused.
  • Do you need an amazing professional to help you launch your new product? The group has recommendations!
  • You have two beautiful designs to choose from but aren’t sure which one resonates more. Let’s do a little poll with emojis!

Ask Steph: What is The Profoundery Like Inside? – Stephanie Pellett Creative

The point is that these are smart, helpful business owners who want to help you! You don’t have to do this alone. That’s the whole point, remember?

4. Work through resources when you need them

Don’t forget about your resource library! There are lots of helpful tools & ideas in there, if you need a creative boost or want help with a particular subject. All the material is self-paced, so you can access it on your own timeline. And I’ll be adding to it over time! Read past newsletters or revisit live calls, work your way through the Inbox Zero course, or find a cool new tool in The Appothecary. Better yet, find a Profoundery buddy to do it with you! It’s all there for you, and there’s more to come.

5. Collaborate with others!

The most exciting possibility of The Profoundery for me is imagining what kinds of creative collaborations might take place between members. There are so many incredible values-based entrepreneurs in this space! We are all working to give back to the world.

So no matter what your business might be, you will find someone inside this community who inspires you. The potential for creative collaboration is endless!

Join The Profoundery

If you’ve watched the whole video and read this far, I can tell that you’re probably a good fit for this community! 😉 So if you feel called to, I’d love to invite you to bring your unique magic into this space. This program is designed to support your business with more accountability, community and strategy than any one of us can muster up on our own. I believe that we’re better, together, and I can’t wait to see what we create as a group.

I’d love to know: What questions do you have about The Profoundery? What part feels the most exciting to you? Let me know in the comments below, or on Instagram @stephpellett.

PS. Ready to join the community?! Click below to learn more & sign up.

Ask Steph: What is The Profoundery Like Inside? – Stephanie Pellett Creative