Legal Self-Care

When it comes to running your own business,
legal care is self-care.

Nobody likes to think about the legal side of business: it’s scary, overwhelming, and usually means considering the worst-case scenario. It’s also usually expensive to get good legal advice you can trust, let alone from someone who actually understands the ins and outs of creative entrepreneurship, ecommerce, and the world of online business. When you’re just starting out, legal concerns are the last thing on your mind and the last thing on your priority list. 

But taking care of the legal side of your business with simple proactive solutions is actually a way to take care of yourself and the future of your business. It has big “mama bear energy”: you’re protecting yourself, your intellectual property, and what you’ve worked so hard for with just a few simple action steps, policies & contracts.

So if you’re ready to prioritize this kind of work in your business, join us for Legal Self-Care: a legal workshop for creative entrepreneurs, taught by lawyer & entrepreneur Sharon Vanin of Thrive Legal Care and presented in partnership with The Profoundery

What We’ll Cover

In this workshop, you’ll get clear on:

📝 What a healthy legal foundation for your business looks like and when you should set it up

❤️ Why a healthy legal foundation is the cornerstone to client relationships — which are everything in your business.

🧐 How to determine your business’ legal needs (by the way, you business might have more legal needs than you think!)

💸 How addressing these legal needs in the right way can free up your time, money and mental bandwidth so you can focus on nurturing your business and personal growth, and have less stress in the process

Plus, answers to your questions about legal best practices!

About Sharon

Founder of Thrive Legal Care

Sharon Vanin is a holistic nutritionist and lawyer for entrepreneurs with a focus on the health and wellness space. She’s the founder of the law practice Thrive Legal Care and its sister template shop The TLC Source, as well as her nutrition practice Wellcome Home, which focuses on finding food freedom through intuitive eating. 

Sharon is a graduate of the Institute of Holistic Nutrition, Osgoode Hall Law School, University of Toronto and Queen’s University. She combines over 16 years of legal experience with first-hand experience as an entrepreneur to help you stay legally safe in your business without the stress and overwhelm.





Legal Self-Care

with Sharon Vanin of Thrive Legal Care
March 21, 2023 | 2 – 4 PM EST



You could, but Sharon’s presentation & advice is specifically designed for creative entrepreneurs who want to set up the legal aspects of their businesses. If you don’t have a business, this information probably won’t be very relevant to you!

That said, if you are getting ready to start a business and want to make sure you’re covering your legal bases when you do, this workshop could be perfect for you. 

Yes, you’ll get access to the replay for two weeks after the workshop takes place. If you are a member of The Profoundery, you will have access to the recording for as long as you are a member.

Yes! We will be collecting all of your questions beforehand when you register for the workshop, and there will also be a live Q&A session during the workshop. 

That being said, Sharon will provide general legal information, but she can’t offer you detailed legal advice for your specific business during the time we have.  If you need further support, you can work with her directly through her practice Thrive Legal Care.

Nope! This workshop is open to any entrepreneurs who are looking for more guidance and support when it comes to the legal side of their businesses. While Profoundery members do get access for free, we’re offering one-off tickets to anyone who wants to join from outside the membership.

If you’re interested in becoming a member of The Profoundery and getting this (and all future workshops) included in your membership, click here.

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