Business Management


Business Management

Strategic thought partnership & operations support for creative entrepreneurs

It’s time to make your processes more professional, your tasks more tidy, and your systems more streamlined.

You’re amazing at what you do, your business is scaling up, and you’re feeling totally overwhelmed by it all. You know you need better systems, but you literally don’t even know where to start. You feel like you need to hire an employee, but don’t know who you should even hire, and how would you find time to train them anyways? You have zero time to yourself, and this successful business isn’t feeling super sustainable. 

Sounds to me like you need a second brain, a thought partner, a fractional COO to help you sort through the chaos, make strategic decisions, improve your processes and set up tools that will lighten your load. Sounds like you need someone who can see the big picture, point out your energy leaks, and make thoughtful, educated recommendations based on more than a decade of working with values-based entrepreneurs like you.

…sounds like you need a Stephanie.


How would it feel if…

☎️ You always had a “coach on call” to talk through sticky client situations or problem-solve issues with you?

⚙️ Your business back office felt clean, streamlined, and on-brand instead of clunky or embarrassing?

🧠 You had an expert on hand to help you strategize & create workback plans for your biggest ideas?

✅ You could depend on someone else to build out systems while you focused on your creative work?

❤️ You had someone else in your business who cared about it almost as much as you do?

…it’s me, hi. ⬇️

Hi, I’m Steph! 👋🏼

I’m the slightly-sassy, super-speedy systems geek & coach with a huge heart and a gut intuition that my clients tell me is rarely wrong. I work best when I can dive completely inside your business and do everything I can to make it thrive. 

Here’s the thing: you’re probably amazing at your actual job, but maybe not-so-amazing at the systems side of things. I am actually begging you to let me help you run your business more effectively, because you 👏🏼 have 👏🏼 outgrown 👏🏼 the scrappy, pieced-together systems you started with. There’s no shame in starting simple, but it’s time for something bigger, because YOU are now bigger.

Together, let’s ditch the running to-do list in Microsoft Excel and/or onboarding people into your high-ticket coaching program using Google Forms (or so help me 🙃).



Sonja Seiler

If you’re running a business and you’re a visionary, but lacking in the time or the expertise for the myriad of behind the scenes logistics and detail work, you are in need of a Stephanie

What is a Stephanie? From first-hand experience, she is 100% devoted to getting to know you and your cause at the deepest level so that she can help you express that at the details level. 

What stands out about her is the fact that she truly enjoys the behind-the-scenes work as an art form and a creative opportunity to streamline, promote, heighten efficiency and set you and your business up for smoothness and success. I love how deeply intuitive she is; how her brain works to see solutions you haven’t thought of; her keen focus to research, learn and implement the latest technology to make your day-to-day easier so you have more time to focus on what you do best in your business. I honestly don’t know how I operated before she came along. She will be your biggest asset working alongside you – she certainly is mine!

How It Works

While all the work is fully customized for your business, here’s the overall outline of my business management style →

Strategy Calls

Once a month, we’ll connect to review how things are going & make a plan for our next steps. Based on your goals, we might create a workback plan for a new offer, or strategize about how you can take more time off, or decide on a new process.

Systems & Operations

This is the bread & butter of our work together! When we start, we’ll identify a list of updates & systems that would improve your work, and I’ll start working on them in priority order. We’ll start with the basics, then switch focus to your new projects.

Ask Me Anything

Any time you run into a roadblock or need some help brainstorming, I’m in your back pocket. I can suggest an app/tool/strategy, help draft tricky emails, give feedback on new ideas or pricing, and jump in for tech support anytime you get stuck. 

I intentionally keep the format of this package flexible, so that we can tailor my support to exactly your needs. Some seasons are busier than others, and some launches are more involved than others. Working together consistently means we can account for these (normal!) energetic fluctuations.

Want even more inspo? ⚡️ 

Here is a non-exhaustive list of things we might tackle together:

✨ Improve Client Onboarding • 📊 Build Notion Databases • 🗄 Interview & Train an Assistant • 💌 Create Newsletter Templates & Funnels • ✅ Set up your Project Manager • 🍯 Create Honeybook Automations • 🖥 Sales Page Zhuzhing • 🔍 Research New Tools • 🗣 Build a Process to Ask for Testimonials • 🎨 Create Beautiful Proposals & Brochures • 🛒 Customize Checkout Forms • 📝 Build Blog Post Templates • 📆 Create a Workback Plan • 🗑 Wireframe Website Pages • 🖼 Design Branded Canva Templates • ⚙️ Document your Processes • 💡 Much, much more!

PS. I also love learning new things, so the possibilities are pretty endless.

Frequently Asked Questions ✨ 

Are you a virtual assistant?

I’m not, but I have been in the past & love them mightily! Think of me more like your Chief Operations Officer: I’m in charge of all the behind-the-scenes running of your business, including systems, strategy, time & capacity planning, and project management. I’m also super passionate about ensuring that your brand (both visually, and values-wise) shows up at every single touchpoint of your client experience. 

Will you answer emails for me?

This wouldn’t be the best use of our time together, no. But to use email as an example, I might: a) teach you the Inbox Zero method, b) create a beautiful email signature for you, c) write the perfect autoresponder with links to your FAQs, d) build you an FAQ page, and e) save your most common emails as Templates for future use. See the difference?

Will you do other admin work for me?

I might do some on a case-by-case basis depending on the project (ex. inputting our workback plan into your project manager), but as a rule, no. Business management means that what I will do is optimize & systematize your admin tasks by creating a tutorial or SOP for you or a team member to complete the task more easily, or by automating it for you entirely. 

What platform will we use to connect?

I’m pretty flexible! If you already use a certain tool (ex. Slack, Asana, Notion), I’m happy to adapt to that. Otherwise, I can suggest a way for us to collaborate.

What if I have no time to ‘manage’ you?

Luckily for you, I can mostly manage myself. One of my best traits is spotting problems and taking initiative to fix them, so I don’t need constant instruction from you to get things done.

Why is our work mostly asynchronous?

My core philosophy is “slowpreneurship”, which means building an intentional business without feeling busy and burned out. To me, asynchronous communication is a big part of reducing feelings of urgency and remembering we’re human beings with whole lives outside of our businesses. If you’re expecting immediate responses and always-on lines of communication, I am not the right manager for you.

What do you mean by “unlimited”?

One of my core values is generosity, and to be honest I can’t help myself from helping when I see something that needs doing. I am constantly just jumping in to fix things for my clients. So I didn’t want to put limits on what I could offer you!

At the same time, I believe we all deserve a slow & sustainable business, myself included. So in short, “unlimited” means: as many things as I can reasonably do while sticking to a healthy work-life balance and keeping my own nervous system regulated. (Trust me: you will still get a lot out of me, I am FAST.)


Apply for Business Management

  • Monthly business strategy sessions
  • Weekly asynchronous connection to me
  • Unlimited operations, project management & systems support
  • Personalized suggestions, recommendations & research

$1200/month plus tax, 6 month minimum commitment

One spot currently available