The Mini ⚡️


The Mini ⚡️

Beautiful & functional systems for your creative business

Tired of thinking about the thing? Let’s just do the thing.

Done-for-you design & systems setup to get you unstuck. Here’s a sneak peek of the process we’ll go through together →

Pick a System

We’ll start with something that’s been draining you. Want a prettier newsletter template? Need to set up a project manager? Excited to revamp your intake form but feel stuck? That’s perfect.

Done For You

We’ll have a quick call for you to tell me *exactly* what you need this system to do for your business. Then I’ll get to work building it out, along with fixing any annoying little things that are bugging you.

Finishing Touches

Once you’ve had a chance to review, we’ll have another quick call for us to discuss any changes you need made or little tweaks to make the system more effective and fully customized to you. 
By the time we’re done, I guarantee that you’re going to feel calmer & clearer.

What systems are we freshening up? ⚡️ 

Here’s a (non-exhaustive) list of ideas for what we could set up together. Choose your own adventure!

💌 Create a newsletter template & welcome email

✅ Set up your task manager or project management tool

✨ Design a Honeybook or Dubsado proposal 

📅 Set up your appointment scheduling tool

🧠 Build a second brain or database in Notion

🖥 Set up a new automation in your client system

PS. Wanna do something not listed here? Sounds pretty fun to me. 😍 Let’s chat! 


Thanks to Steph, I finally, FINALLY consolidated my multiple calendars into one workable system. This was a huge energy leak in my businesses. While it was a simple fix, I didn’t have the know-how to fix it myself. 

Now that Steph helped me set this up, my businesses feel so much more streamlined. It’s so liberating to have control over my calendars, and I also feel more polished when dealing with clients. I came away with real, actionable improvements to my business that were implemented right away.

Sharon Vanin
Wellcome Home

The Mini, IRL 👀

Want to see some real-life results? Yeah you do! Here are some examples for you:

Checkout Page

Totally revamped & branded client onboarding process + intake questionnaire. 

Newsletter Template

All-new! Branded newsletter template & welcome email setup for new subscribers. 

Notion Dashboard

Beautiful & custom dashboard to house projects, habits & notes, all in one place. 

Frequently Asked Questions ✨ 

What if I have tons of ideas?

That’s awesome! We’ll likely only be able to tackle one systems setup project per package, but feel free to share more about what you need, and I can help you narrow down or prioritize projects on our clarity call. 

Will I have a chance to provide edits?

Yes! Our “finishing touches” call is the perfect time for us to tweak the system to suit you better. I’ll share my screen so you can see what I’m doing, and we’ll go through each one of your edits together to make sure you’re happy with the look & feel of the system.

Can you set up my entire business back office?

I sure can, just not in this package! If you’re looking for full-scale implementation of a major systems project, such as your customer management software (ex. Honeybook), you’ll want The Setup ⚙️. Feel free to book a discovery call if you aren’t sure which package is right for you! 

What do you mean by tech support?

Throughout our time together, feel free to ask me anything systems-related, whether it pertains to this project or not. I’ll point you to resources or, spoiler alert: if I can fix it easily  for you, I’ll just do it. 😉

What do I need to give you?

I’ll need three things from you: your rough vision for how the system will work, a login for your chosen system, and your branding guidelines & logos. I’ll take care of the rest!  

Can’t I just set up XYZ myself?

Absolutely! There are so many tutorials and resources out there to support you in your own systems setup. This offering is specifically designed for those who easily get stuck with this stuff and want an expert who can swoop in and make it look pretty & work perfectly.


Book The Mini ⚡️

  • Fully branded setup of one internal business system: appointment scheduler, project manager, second brain, email welcome sequence, proposal template or automation in your client management system
  • 30-minute Clarity Call
  • 30-minute Finishing Touches call
  • 2 weeks of tech support 

$500 plus tax
4 spots open for Summer 2024