Power Hour ⚡️

Tired of talking about the thing? Let’s just do the thing.

Easy, powerful, lightning-fast sessions to get you unstuck. Here’s how it works:

Sticky Situation

We’ll start with something that’s been draining you. Want a pretty newsletter template? Need to set up a better project manager? Excited to revamp your intake process but feel stuck? That’s perfect.

Magic Touch

You’ll grant me access to your apps, we’ll get on a Zoom call, and you’ll be (truly) blown away by how much progress we can make in an hour*. Better still: you get to watch & learn as we build it out together.

More Momentum

You’ll leave the session with a framework for moving forward, inspiration for your new systems, and a spark of motivation and momentum to actually implement & use these new tools in your business.

*Technically it’s an hour and a half, but that would obviously be a less catchy name 😉

Real-Life Examples ✅

Want to see the results of a few of my Power Hours? Yeah you do! Here are some screenshots for you. 

Nurture Retreats

Totally revamped & branded client onboarding process + intake questionnaire. 

Or Har-Gil

Beautifully revamped newsletter template to represent the new direction of their business. 

Amy Sedgwick

All-new! Branded newsletter template & welcome email setup for new subscribers. 


In my Power Hour with Steph, I was really amazed at how much we got done in the hour. I came in with a few ideas I thought we could work on, and we ended up being able to accomplish even more than I expected. Steph is so fast and thorough, and I was so happy with the results.

My newsletter template went from basic to branded, and it’s a format I can replicate again and again, very easily. And now I have a welcome email, which is a project I had been putting off for a while! If you have projects that are lingering because you’re not sure how best to make them look or feel the way you want, a Power Hour with Steph is a great investment. 

Amy Sedgwick | Holistic Therapist 

Want even more inspo? 🎨 

Here is a non-exhaustive list of things we can tackle during your Power Hour:

💌 Create Newsletter Templates • 📊 Build Notion Databases • 🍯 Create Honeybook Automations • 📝 Build Blog Post Templates • 🎨 Sales Page Zhuzhing • ✅ Create Dubsado Proposals • 🛒 Customize Checkout Forms • 📆 Create a Workback Plan • 🗑 Wireframe a Sales Page • 🖼 Design Branded Canva Templates • 💡 Much, much more!

This probably goes without saying, but we can do one of these things in the time we have. I’m good, but I’m not THAT good!

Frequently Asked Questions ✨ 

Why are you offering Power Hours?

Here’s the thing: you probably don’t need another course, or to delve deeper into your limiting beliefs. You just need a boost of inspiration, or some hands-on technical help working with an unfamiliar system.  You know what you want, but aren’t sure how to make it happen, so you stall out on projects. Sound familiar? I’m here to help. 

Why do we do this on a Zoom call together?

I like doing it this way because it doubles as a tutorial for you! Since I’m sharing my screen the whole time, I can simultaneously explain what I’m doing and ideally you leave understanding how the system works. Plus, you can ask me questions as we go! Being on the call together is just more efficient for us both.  

Help! I don’t know what to do during our time!

That’s okay, but this might not be the right fit for you right now. These sessions work best when you have a highly specific project in mind that we can execute on together. If you need help figuring out your next steps, a Slowpreneur Session might be better for you! 

How do I prepare?

Just come armed with your password to whatever app we’re working in, your brand colours or overall brand identity, and your preferences! I love strong opinions, they help me design things to best suit you and your needs.

Will these sessions be recorded?

Yes! After our session, you’ll receive a link to the recording file so you can keep it forever. You’ll also of course retain access to all your systems, designs or templates to use them for as long as you like. Since I’m building within your own accounts, you don’t have to worry about permissions or access expiring. 

Will everything be good to go when the hour is over?

If not done, it’ll be very close! I work with a “wireframing” approach, meaning I build out the structure of things without inputting content. After our session, you may have to write some copy or add some photos, but the basic format, template or system will be totally set up for you already. 

What if I have tons of ideas?

That’s awesome! But I encourage you to narrow it down, or I can help you do so over email before we hop on our call together. It really helps for us both to have clarity so we can hit the ground running when we get online.


For years, the checkout process for my retreat was a combination of guests checking out on one platform, tracking workshop facilitators on another, with communications in a third. It worked, but it meant keeping track of everything in my head and manually performing real-time tasks, which weren’t always possible. 

Recently, my CRM launched the ability to use lead forms, which meant all these actions could  now take place under one roof in an automated way, which was exciting, but overwhelming. Enter Steph. Not only did she help chat through the workflow we needed to build to make the process meaningful (and beautiful!) for my clients, she figured out creative workarounds for hurdles we encountered. In what would have taken me hours (or let’s be honest, days) to figure out, Steph and her genius systems brain and tech & design savvy set me up for success in one short session. 

Now, my new intake process flows smoothly, is fully branded and even got compliments from guests that have enjoyed using it! I can’t tell you the RELIEF I felt when she helped me with this, and the flow and ease it brings to my checkout process, so I can focus on other things in my business that I feel a lot more qualified and excited to do!

Sonja Seiler | Nurture


Power Hour ⚡️

90 Minute Zoom Call
Custom Branded Systems & Designs
Full Call Recording
1 week of Email Q&A Support