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Don't Believe in Procrastination

Talk for Creative Mornings Toronto

I don't really believe in procrastination, because I think we almost always have a good reason for delaying our work. In this talk, I'm outlining my philosophies about procrastination and how we can work with it instead of fighting against it. This talk was part of a global series on "Procrastinate".

5 Ways to Increase Your Productivity as a Creative Entrepreneur

Interview on the Soul Compass Podcast

I loved talking to host Vitina Blumenthal about my top 5 favourite ways to increase productivity with my clients. We're covering everything from turning off your notifications to getting yourself more accountability, and why I believe that productivity is about both inner and outer work. Tune in for a little boost of motivation to get you through the work week!

Defining Systems in Your Business

Interview on the Launch It Digital Coffee Chat

I loved talking to Emilia of Simply Elaborate about why implementing systems change can be a big Shiny Object for so many entrepreneurs. We discuss what working on your systems actually means, and talk about ways you can totally overhaul the way your business runs, without spending a lot of money.

What's Your Glass Full?

Interview on the Glass Full Instagram

It was so much fun to be a part of this reflective series from Julia Nethersole of Glass Full. She asks guests to think about what fills their cup: spiritually, physically, and emotionally. I love to read the responses of other creative women, and I loved having the chance to capture all of my own in one place.

What Nurtures Nurture: Stephanie Pellett

Feature on the Nurture Blog

I was honoured to be featured on the Nurture blog as one of the core things that supports this incredible company. Sonja of Nurture Retreats is one of my closest friends and also a longtime client. It is a joy and an honour to support her in creating the magical spaces she holds for people through her retreat & dinners, and it was amazing to be seen through her eyes in this post.