The Profoundery Referrals

We love you a lot.
So we’re definitely going to love the people you love.

Good people know good people, am I right? And you’re good people. You’re GREAT people, and you make this community so special. So if you also know other great people who would make this community even greater? We want to say thank you.

Enter: The Profoundery Referral Program! This is a super-simple program designed to give you a token of our appreciation for every person you invite to join this beautiful community. Rewards are cumulative, meaning that eventually your membership could be free, or at least steeply discounted!

Caveat: We don’t do MLM-type stuff around here, so please don’t invite people just for the sake of the reward, but if you know someone who would love the community that we’re creating, we would LOVE to meet them. And thank you! ❤️

How Referrals Work ✅

For every one person you invite into The Profoundery, you’ll get an additional 11% off your own membership, forever. It’s that simple! 

📣  Share your unique link with your business besties

✨ When they join using your link, your reward will be applied to all future payments!

💸 The more referrals you make, the more of an ongoing discount you’ll get (ie. 3 referrals = 33% off)

❤️ You’ll have my eternal gratitude & can feel good about making this community even more magical

Ready to invite some amazing people? ⬇️


Oh no! It’s possible that your friend forgot to check out using your unique link. Not to worry! Send me an email with your friend’s name, and I will manually adjust your membership billing. And thank you so much! 😍

We are so sad to see you go, and also sad to report that unfortunately your referral rewards expire when your membership does! The referral program that our platform provides only works for people with ongoing memberships. But you will have our eternal gratitude for introducing us to such wonderful people! 

Thank you for your referral! Unfortunately, our system only works by adjusting your membership pricing at this time. It’s a limitation that might change with time, but as of now that is the platform policy, so it is also ours. 

Sure does! We would love nothing more than getting to meet 9 of your fave people AND have your membership be free forever.

Plus: Be a great friend! ✨

You can sweeten the deal for your friend by inviting them to use the code PROFOUNDFRIEND at checkout for 50% off their first two months of The Profoundery: Annual

They’ll still need to use your link in order for your referral reward to kick in, but when they check out they’ll be able to enter an additional promo code to redeem this offer. Win-win for you both!

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