Business Tools

Dubsado | Software I use to manage invoices, contracts, payments and client management.

Airtable | If Google Drive had a baby with the coolest database you’ve ever seen, the result would be Airtable. It’s so amazing and I am always finding new uses for it.

Bluehost | I’ve hosted all my sites through Bluehost for years and have always loved the freedom self-hosting gives me.

WordPress | For now, my sites are all built on WordPress, but I’m hearing the siren song of Squarespace more and more lately.

Anchor | This is what I use to host my podcast files and submit the feed to iTunes. Super easy and more importantly, FREE. I love Anchor’s philosophies and ease of use.

Asana | What I use to organize my brain.

Spotify Premium | Because I realized if I was going to be listening to music all day every day while working, I didn’t want to listen to all the ads.

The Appothecary | A tool I needed so much I made it myself! This is my database of helpful apps, software and technologies that can help you run your business.


Slack | What did people do before Slack existed? Seriously, it must have been the Dark Ages.

Gmail | The one true love of my life.

Boomerang | Sending emails later keeps me looking professional and helps set boundaries with clients.

Inbox for Gmail | I am obsessed with this email app, even though I try really hard not to check email on my phone.


Adobe CC Creative Suite | I routinely use Photoshop and Lightroom to edit photos and create graphic assets.

Canva | An amazing little tool that I recommend to anyone who doesn’t have a design background but wants to make pieces that look professional.

Unsplash Pexels | Free, high-quality stock images.

A Color Story | What I use to edit all my Instagram photos.

Pixieset | How I deliver photo galleries to clients, friends and family.


27″ Apple iMac | Yay for super-fast processing speeds and lots of memory! I added this (refurbished) computer to my arsenal this year and it’s helped make my work more efficient and more fun.

Macbook Pro | I work out of the house about 75% of the time, and this sturdy computer helps me do everything I need to do on the go.

Bose Headphones | These help me concentrate in the cafés I tend to frequent to get work done.

Blue Snowball iCE Microphone | This is what I use for recording my podcast. I used to use the Samson Go Mic and was really happy with it too.

Nikon D90 35mm f 1.8 lens | I’ve had this camera body for so long that it’s no longer available so I’m linking to the newer model! I have other lenses, but this one has essentially stayed put on my camera ever since I bought it 5 years ago – it’s great in almost every situation.

Leuchtturm1917 Hardcover A5 Notebook | I used to be a Moleskine girl but I am now a fierce convert – I love the larger page size, the little dot grid, and the smoothness of the paper in these books.

Uni-ball Jetstream 0.7mm pens | The best pen! Ever! Anytime I have to use something else, I am cranky.


Offscreen Dispatch | Useful links, app suggestions, and thoughtful articles.

The Useletter | Tons of tips for small business owners.

Tuesdays Together | My favourite monthly meetup for creative entrepreneurs.

Creative Mornings | I rarely miss this free monthly breakfast speaker series because I always leave inspired.

Note: Yes, some of the links on this page are affiliate links! That means that if you purchase something I recommend, I might get a small kickback or extra month of service. But I want you to know I would never recommend something I didn’t love and use! In my work I come across a ton of apps and equipment, but it takes a lot for something to make it onto this list.