The Foundery Retreat

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Here's the thing: you need time to work on your business, not just in it.

Have you been missing any of these ingredients lately?


Strategic thinking to help you break through your limiting beliefs & strategize about your next best steps


Dedicated, structured time set aside for you to work on projects to grow your business


Inspiring conversations with fellow entrepreneurs, to give you a boost on your way to your goals

CAMBIE Design Packages – Stephanie Pellett Creative

Does any of this sound familiar?

✅  You're not making time to work on the projects that will really move the needle for your business

✅  You keep getting distracted by your family, endless scrolling on social media, and the challenges of re-acclimating to "normal" life post-pandemic

✅  Your side hustle has become "the IKEA ball pit of dropped balls", as one client put it

✅  You feel totally exhausted and don't know how to prioritize your workload with the energy you have

✅  You're burnt out and need some gentle accountability and togetherness to feel like yourself again

I hear you. And I want to help. ⬇️

What We're Aiming For Here →

Picture yourself next February, walking away from this retreat...

😎 Feeling more confident that you are making a difference in the world

⚡️ Having a boost in motivation to get back to investing in growing your business

💡Clearly knowing your message and feeling more empowered to share your gifts

❤️ More connected to like-minded entrepreneurs who share your values & cheer you on

💰Having created or tweaked an offering that will bring in more income for your business

😅 With the satisfaction of knowing that you just did more for your biz in one weekend than in the past few months combined

Let's do this! →

Retreats changed my life.

A few years ago, I started attending retreats for the first time: first to Nurture, and later on DIY retreats that I organized with my friends a few times a year. The first few times I went, I'd feel guilty about taking time off from work and worried about "wasting" time when I had so many looming deadlines and urgent requests. I felt like I couldn't afford to take a step back from my business long enough to examine it more clearly.

Turns out, I couldn't afford not to take a step back from my business. Each and every time I've gone on a retreat, I've experienced enormous shifts in my perspective, my offerings, my habits and my practices. It sounds dramatic, I know! But if anything, it's an understatement of how I really feel. There is truly nothing like focused, dedicated, compassionate time & attention to create massive change in our lives. And when you throw a handful of thoughtful, creative people into the mix? The game is changed.

I first hosted this retreat in early 2020, because I believe that creating this kind of space in our lives is essential. I believe in the power of togetherness and have seen the shifts that happen when we're witnessed & supported by our peers. I want to bring together interesting people, give them space to grow, and watch the magic happen. Almost exactly two years to the day that I ran my first retreat, we will be back at that gorgeous farmhouse...and I could not be more thrilled about it.

PS. If this particular retreat is not for you, I encourage you to create one of your own! All my best tips for setting up a DIY retreat, right this way

Melissa Condotta - The Foundery Retreat

This retreat was a time-out for me: a place where I could focus on my business without having to be at my business and without worrying about the day-to-day. I was able to work out the kinks with the help of other entrepreneurs, all while being nourished and taken care of.

I loved all the sharing of our thoughts, visions, ideas, advice, stories, everything. And I loved taking action and putting ideas into place during the retreat itself.

Mel Condotta | Sunday's Company



What's Included

All retreat packages will include the following:

Group Strategy Sessions

Structured strategy sessions with the other retreat members

Before & After Group Calls

Group calls to get to know one another before the retreat, and to provide accountability in the weeks afterwards

Retreat Welcome Gift

A beautiful gift that you'll receive upon arrival at the retreat

Productivity Parties

Specific time set aside for focused work as a group to get things done

Bespoke Menu

A nourishing and delicious retreat menu designed by Sonja Seiler of Nurture

The Profoundery Membership

Two months' membership to The Profoundery to continue the momentum


The Foundery Retreat

February 11th-13th, 2022

In-person business retreat for values-based entrepreneurs

A strategic & practical business retreat designed to support you in gaining clarity, creating momentum, and connecting with like-minded creative business owners while being supported by a fresh, seasonal menu of delicious meals.

Upgrade Your Retreat

Designed to support you before, during, and after the retreat, the Upgrade Add-On is perfect for the entrepreneur who wants more personalized attention at The Foundery Retreat.

The Upgrade Your Retreat Add-On will include all of the above, plus:

1:1 Individual Strategy Session

Get hands-on help during the retreat itself in a private, custom strategy session

($200 value)

Two Individual 1:1 Calls

Connect with me individually before and after the retreat to get customized suggestions & specific accountability

(combined $250 value)

The Profoundery

Get even more support before & after your retreat experience with two additional months of membership to The Profoundery

($198 total value)

Total: $500 + HST

There are a maximum of two Upgrade Your Retreat add-ons available. Save your spot →

The Food

All meals & snacks at the retreat will be provided by Sonja of Nurture!

Sonja is passionate about working with food as a tool for storytelling, creating a seamless experience that enhances connection through the act of sharing intentional, creative meals. She will be creating and preparing a beautiful bespoke menu for us full of love and delight, designed to support & nourish us and our work together all weekend long. We'll also be lucky enough to experience a special harvest-table dinner on Saturday night to raise a glass to one another by candlelight.

Nurture menus are mostly vegetarian – inspired by a whole foods, seasonal approach featuring local, organic produce. All allergies, food sensitivities and strong dislikes will be fully accommodated with joy!

The Location

We will be gathering for The Foundery Retreat at one of my favourite places, Cobblestone Farm Retreat. This home is cozy and quiet, nestled into the forest with horses roaming nearby. We will be the only ones in the house for the weekend, and will have full range of the property to take walks or explore during our free time!

3286 Cornish Hollow Road
Cobourg, Ontario, Canada
K9A 4J9
Get Directions

Cobblestone is easily accessible from the highway or by taking the Via Rail train to Cobourg station. Rides are not provided, but a Whatsapp group will be created if you want to carpool with your fellow attendees! 🥰

Note: The bedroom options at Cobblestone are not accessible by default, there is a flight of stairs up to the bedrooms. However, if you have accessibility requirements, there is a possible ground-floor accommodation option, please email me to confirm before registering.


How many spots are there at the retreat?

There are five spots available! Three people will stay in private rooms, and two people will share a double-wide bunk bed. There are two Upgrade Add-Ons available within those 5 spots.

What COVID-19 precautions will be in place?

Per our venue’s recommendations, all attendees will be required to be fully vaccinated. We will be following the guidance of the Government of Ontario on re-opening closely, and depending on case numbers additional rapid tests 24-72 hours before the retreat may be required

Is the retreat limited to people who have taken part in The Foundery?

Nope! It shares the same name as my group program because we'll be using the same format we use in our group strategy sessions. Also, the name "foundery" is meant to represent forging stronger business connections, which applies just as much at a retreat as it does in the program!

What if someone uses my business ideas or shares my private information?

The very practical answer is that everyone who attends The Foundery Retreat (including myself) will sign a non-disclosure agreement that pertains to what we discuss in our sessions. But the real answer is that every person who joins The Foundery will be someone who believes that collaboration is more important than competition and understands that there is enough to go around. Also, each entrepreneur's business will likely be so different from yours that borrowing similar techniques or ideas would never take away from what you're doing.

How long is the retreat?

The retreat will run from early afternoon on Friday, February 11 to mid-afternoon on Sunday, February 13rd.

What will happen in the group sessions?

Each attendee will get time in the "hot seat" to bring a big topic to the group and get feedback, ideas and suggestions. If there's an offering you've been dreaming about, or a goal you're scared to name, our group sessions will be an awesome opportunity to voice it! This is where the magic happens. You'll also learn so much from the other attendees' hot seats!

What room do I get with the Upgrade Add-On?

Either one! The Upgrade package can be added on to either room type. There are a total of two Upgrade Add-Ons available at the retreat.

I'm not an entrepreneur, can I still take part?

Unfortunately no, this retreat is designed to be a working retreat for entrepreneurs to focus on their businesses. If you're building up your side hustle while working on another job, that still counts! We'd love to have you.

I'm dairy/gluten/nut-free, can I still come?

Of course! My friend Sonja is devoted to making food that everyone can eat and enjoy. Just tell us your restrictions when you choose your room & we'll whip up something delicious for you.

Is alcohol included? 

We'll have wine for our group dinner on Saturday night, but otherwise please feel free to bring your own drinks! Note that we'll have tea & coffee, but all other drinks are welcome.

What should I bring with me?

Here are some essentials: your computer, a notebook (or multiple), cozy clothes, a good book, your favourite pens, all the coloured markers, your fave tarot or oracle deck. Oh, and winter boots so that we can trek across the lawn to see the horses! We'll be sending more detailed info as the retreat approaches.

Why is this retreat called The Foundery?

This is another Sonja Seiler original! A foundry is a place where metal is forged, and we loved the idea that The Foundery Retreat could be a place where stronger, better businesses and authentic connections could be forged!

A weekend that allows you to create space to reflect on your business, but then also have time to put those ideas into action.

There will be lots of ideas, inspiration, great conversation, a-ha moments and some absolutely delicious food.

If you attend The Foundery Retreat, you'd be doing something great for yourself and your business.

Palak Loizides | Embiria


Ready to retreat with us?

Choose your room below to join us February 11th-13th, 2022.

Bunk Room

✔ Full retreat attendance

✔ Double-wide bunk bed, shared with one other attendee

✔ Shared bathroom

✔ Pre-retreat group call

✔ Individual hot seat time

✔ Group strategy sessions & coworking

✔ All meals, snacks & drinks by Nurture

✔ Retreat Welcome Gift

✔ Group follow-up call

✔ Two months of membership to The Profoundery (a $198 value)

 Optional Upgrade Add-On can be selected at checkout


Private Room

✔ Full retreat attendance

✔ Queen bed in a private room

✔ Shared bathroom

✔ Pre-retreat group call

✔ Individual hot seat time

✔ Group strategy sessions & coworking

✔ All meals, snacks & drinks by Nurture

✔ Retreat Welcome Gift

✔ Group follow-up call

✔ Two months of membership to The Profoundery (a $198 value)

 Optional Upgrade Add-On can be selected at checkout


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The Foundery Retreat was exactly what I needed to kick off my business in 2021! Steph's leadership and support is unlike anything I've ever experienced.

Her retreat helped me to narrow down my focus, strategize with like-minded business owners, and it got me to sit down and do the things that I've been putting off! The environment was so supportive and I really felt like I could show up as I was, without any pressure. It was a wonderful weekend where I felt inspired to be my best self and I'm pretty sure I got what I would have accomplished in one month done in a weekend!

Cynthia Arscott | Goldminds