The Setup ⚙️


The Setup ⚙️

Fully branded client onboarding systems for your creative business

You’re obsessed with your clients. You love your work. But let’s be honest: your business is being held together with the digital equivalent of a paperclip. 📎

(Or worse, an actual paperclip.)

Here are some examples I’ve seen from my clients: sending proposals takes absolutely forever, or things keep slipping through the cracks because you’re doing it all manually (read: forgetting stuff), or you’re hiring an assistant but feel totally flustered trying to teach them how you run things (because how do you actually run things, again?!). Or worst of all: you don’t actually have a good way for anyone to pay you. 🙃

Listen, I say this with all the love and none of the judgement: you need some systems, my entrepreneurial friend. Specifically, you need a client management tool. I’m here to promise that it doesn’t have to be so hard to be a solopreneur or run your small-but-mighty team. You can find a system that makes your business feel as professional & beautiful as the work you’re doing in the world. And luckily, I am going to set it up for you!

What is this magic system? ✨

In short, it’s the answer to all your (systems) prayers! It often replaces all of your (currently cobbled-together systems) with ONE simple app, usually called a client management software. The right one will handle all of this for you:

📝 Intake Forms

🗓 Call Scheduling

📄 Client Contracts

💰 Invoicing & Payment

⚡️ Automations

🎨 Branded Proposals

…and honestly more! They’re improving these tools all the time. Want one?! →


Rachel Kelly
Make Lemonade

Working with Steph was one of the best investments I could have made in my business. Before coming to Steph, I was sending clients invoices through “frankensteined” google sheets + stripe links…not a pretty look. Needless to say, I wanted to come across as professional to my clients and develop a streamlined system for my busy workflow. 

I love how Steph truly took the time to understand all of my work processes and presented a few options that would work for me. In my industry, my hands are busy with flowers, so spending as little time as possible fiddling around with a new system was a non-negotiable for me…and Steph understood that. The added bonus was developing a process that turned my invoices into beautiful proposals that gave me the confidence to present higher rates and attract bigger ticket clients, and get paid on time. When there were specific “issues” that needed a process, Steph would either have a solution or get back to me with researched options. 

I can’t say enough how big of an ROI I got spending my money working with Steph. She is truly a worthwhile investment that not only improved my business workflow, but helped me manage my day-to-day tasks (saving me time), and making more money with dream clients.

My Faves ❤️ 

Choosing the right systems for your business is always a bespoke process, I don’t believe in one-size-fits-all.
Still, here are some of the client management or practice management systems I really like working with:

PS. Already love or pay for something not shown here? Not to worry! I’ve probably worked with it before, or can learn it. 

How It Works ⚙️

My goal is to make setting up this system as easy as possible for you. Here’s the process we’ll go through →

Clarity Call

We’ll start by having a call to outline all the client processes & packages you need! I’ll ask you tons of questions and take lots of notes to make sure we’re on the exact same page.

Shared Space

I’ll set us up with a shared workspace (on Asana or Notion) so that you can send me all your brand assets, and I can send you back completed pieces of your systems puzzle.

Done For You

I’ll set up your entire system, checking in with you regularly to make sure that we’re on track with your vision. We’ll also have a Power Hour to tweak & fix things live!

Tech Support

Also known as: you try to break the system, and I help you troubleshoot! You’ll get started with the system and I’ll be on hand to problem-solve any issues you find.

My goal? To make you ooh and ahh about what I build you, and to get you so weirdly excited about the admin side of your business. 😉


Kim Sedgwick
Coach Kim

Given how many things are on my plate at any given time, developing systems usually falls to the bottom of the list. So for years, I’ve relied on a clunky hodge-podge client onboarding system that’s time-consuming and unreliable. Rather than being in my zone of genius as a coach, I was stuck doing things that were unnecessarily stressful and depleting.

Thanks to Steph, now I have a streamlined, beautifully branded, reliable client management system for onboarding clients through Honeybook. While I still customize the emails and proposals to provide that personal touch, the core content is the same and I know it’s been thoroughly tested. I don’t have to stress about missing anything.

I can say with certainty that I would have abandoned this project if it wasn’t for the fact Steph did all the heavy lifting. She is a rare combination of tech wizard and heart-centred coach, which is perfect for a project like this. I was in awe of her ability to problem-solve all the tech stuff and come up with creative solutions when necessary. It’s clear how invested Steph is in the success of her clients and that energy is infectious. I can’t say enough good things about working with Steph. I’ve already got a wishlist of other systems I want her to set up for me.

Frequently Asked Questions ✨ 

What do I need to give you?

If you have existing contracts, packages, questionnaires, etc., I’ll get you to share those with me, along with your branding guidelines and logo files. I’ll also need your thoughts on how you would like certain processes to unfold for your clients, and feedback on how things look or feel as we build it. You’ll have lots of chances to check in with me.

Will you write systems copy for me?

You bet! It moves way faster if I can write a draft of your emails & other systems copy without asking you for every little piece of the puzzle. Don’t worry: at the end, you’ll be able to edit to your heart’s content!

Will I have a chance to provide edits?

For sure. We’ll have a call towards the end of our time together to put the finishing touches on everything I’ve built for you and train you on the system. Plus, for the following entire month I’m on call for tech support & little tweaks to your processes! 

What if I’m not sure which platform to use?

No problem! I am happy to recommend some software options for you to choose from and give you my advice on which might be the right fit for your situation. I might even have a discount code for ya! 

What do you mean by tech support?

Throughout our time together, feel free to ask me anything systems-related, whether it pertains to this project or not. I’ll point you to resources or, spoiler alert: if I can fix it easily  for you, I’ll just do it. 😉

What does asynchronous access mean?

It means that we’ll have a shared workspace (in either Asana or Notion) where I can share links to my progress for you to approve or give feedback on, but we can each respond at a time that works for us and our energy levels.


Book The Setup ⚙️

  • Fully branded setup of your client management software
  • Includes a Mini setup of your choice
  • Three 60-minute systems strategy calls
  • Two months of tech support
  • Weekly asynchronous access to me

$2000 plus tax
Paid in 3 equal instalments