Looking for some support in your creative small business? I got you covered! Below you’ll find a variety of resources designed to support you with where you’re at, no matter what your budget might be. Click through to explore my creative courses, useful tools, and free downloads that were all created with entrepreneurs like YOU in mind. Looking for something specific or have another question for me? Get in touch! I’d be happy to point you in the direction of whatever resources you might need at this stage of your business.Β 

Courses πŸ‘©πŸ»β€πŸ’»

Inbox Zero 101

Do you struggle to manage your emails as a creative entrepreneur? It doesn’t have to be this way! Learn some tools & philosophies to reduce the email struggle in this self-paced video course.

Operations 101

I created this productivity course in partnership with Make Lemonade and it is available for sale as part of their Business 101 program. You’ll learn the basics of time management, with a twist.

Ready, Set, Goals

This self-paced video course is my introduction to the basics of goal-setting, walking you through some key philosophies and ideas when it comes to setting and achieving your aims.Β 

Tools βš’

The Appothecary

Β This is a database full of cool tools that I come across on my internet travels! If you’re looking for software to help you do XYZ in your business, this is a good place to look for recommendations!

Notion Creative Templates

Notion is an amazing tool, but it also has a VERY steep learning curve! So I put together these simple templates that you can adapt to your own life & work, as a starting place for using the tool!

Tools & Apps

Curious about what I use to run my own business? This page sums up all the tech and programs that I use for everything from video creation to managing memberships. Lots of great recommendations!

Free Stuff πŸ“

5 Ways to Increase Your Productivity

A free, 40-minute workshop designed to help you improve your work life and wellness by managing your time & energy more effectively.

Dropping In

This questionnaire is designed to get you reflecting on the gaps & opportunities in your specific business and help you draw a map to where you want to go.

Party Pass

Join us for a community coworking session in The Profoundery – your first one is always free! Sign up below & choose a time that works for you to get things done.

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