The Foundery Retreat – Stephanie Pellett Creative

The Foundery Retreat

Get cozy with your business this winter at this business retreat, designed to help you work on your business through a combination of creative coaching, quiet time, and kind-hearted community with other like-minded entrepreneurs.

February 21-23, 2020 | Cobblestone Farm Retreat

Courses & Products

Operations 101 – Stephanie Pellett Creative

Operations 101 ⚡️

Do more in less time with Make Lemonade


The Appothecary – Stephanie Pellett Creative

The Appothecary

Find better tools to help you run your business


Inbox Zero 101 – Stephanie Pellett Creative

Inbox Zero 101 Online

Video course designed to get your email inbox spic and span.


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Dropping In Questionnaire – Stephanie Pellett Creative

Dropping In Questionnaire

Reflective prompts to find opportunities in your business

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Favourite Tools – Stephanie Pellett Creative

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