How do I share more of my personality online?

It can be a huge boost to your business to start sharing more of your personality online, especially as a service-based business owner. Spoiler alert: We want to know who you are.

Think about the service-based business owners you love the most. Chances are, what you love about them is not just the services they’re offering! It’s their personality, their values, and everything else that makes them unique. People buy from people, especially people they like, know, and trust. So if you’re a service-based business owner who wants to make an impact, showing up more fully as yourself is a great place to start. We all want to know what makes you different.

But if you’re not used to being on camera or audio, it can be an intimidating prospect! 😱

I know first-hand how hard it can be to get comfortable with sharing more of your personality online. I am used to it now, but in the beginning, showing up as myself was pretty scary.

Now that I’ve gotten the hang of sharing myself in my business, I want to help you build that muscle and start showing up more fully & authentically as yourself. 😍

The outcomes are worth it, not just for the growth of your business, but also for the confidence that you can personally develop as a result. 

In this video, I’ll be sharing five useful strategies that personally helped me to start sharing more of myself in my business life. 

Let us get to know you.

Let me know below: Which of these strategies will you be implementing first as you start to show up more fully in your business? Do you have tips that helped you to start becoming more visible online? Drop them in the comments below or over on Instagram @stephpellett. 📣 ⬇️

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