Episode 1: Welcome to Slowpreneur

Welcome to Slowpreneur

On the first episode of the show, I’m explaining why I’m starting a new podcast now, and letting you know what you can expect from me in the future.

How to Get Your Business Off Instagram

Let’s talk about leaving platforms we aren’t vibing with, and how to market our businesses differently instead!

Creating Rituals & Embracing Change

An interview with Julia Nethersole of Glass Full about evolution, self & community care, and curating our attention.

75 Easy: My New Motto for Business & Life

A story of inadvertently making my life harder during an already-challenging time, and how I’m choosing easier now.

Fruitcakes, Flowers & Figuring It Out with Rachel Kelly of Make Lemonade 🍋

Flowers, Fruitcakes & Figuring It Out

An interview with Rachel Kelly of Make Lemonade about navigating her fruitcake phase & becoming a florist.

Business Lessons from Bruno

Wishing Bruno a very happy birthday & sharing some of the wisdom I’ve learned while raising a puppy over the past year. 

How to Navigate a Business Slump 🙃 - Slowpreneur

How to Navigate Business Burnout

Why I’m dealing with some business burnout lately and some of the strategies I’m trying to move through it.

Nurturing the Person Behind the Business

An interview with Sonja Seiler of Nurture about her burnout recovery & the changes to her retreat. 

How to Juggle Life & Business

The metaphor that’s helping me handle my life and business during a stressful season.

5 Tools for Reflecting On Your Business - Slowpreneur

5 Tools to Reflect On Your Business

The importance of building reflection into your business, and my 5 favourite tools for reflecting.

Living Beautifully in the Present Moment with Palak Dave of Embiria & Hosted Here 🌿

Living Beautifully in the Present Moment

An interview with Palak Dave of Embiria & Hosted Here about creating more mindful relationships with technology.

How to Create a Calmer Business

Thoughts on creating a calm business by setting boundaries and providing information up-front.

5 Work-From-Home Commutes to Gently End Your Day

Free & easy ways to create a distinction between work hours & personal time.

7 Slow Business Lessons from Season One of Slowpreneur

These are my core takeaways from creating the first season of the show.

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