The Slowpreneur Retreat

Let’s build you a business without the busy.

It’s never easy to be an entrepreneur, but the last few years have been particularly hard. If you’re craving a new way of living & working, this is your invitation to take a time-out from your business and figure out what the next chapter looks like for you. To slow down, to turn inwards, to recalibrate and find a new pace & purpose after the rollercoaster of the past few years. 🎢

The Slowpreneur Retreat is a soft place for you to land if you’re still in the messy middle. We don’t have a crystal ball, but we do have personalized support, a peaceful place to work, and a whole lot of amazing food to nourish you body & soul as you enter this new chapter.

This retreat is small: just four entrepreneurs, plus Sonja & I. We’ve built in lots of time for connection, rest, and gentle structure to help you take those next steps, and we’ll do it together while surrounded by nature. Want to join us?

The Slowpreneur Retreat

At the retreat, we’ll be focusing on three things that I think every entrepreneur needs to have a successful & sustainable business:


To get where you’re going, you need a map. Through group strategy sessions, we’ll figure out the big picture vision of the strategy you need, whether that’s in your business model or your marketing plan.


There is at least one system out there that would save you time, money, and energy that you haven’t implemented yet. We’ll figure out what it is, and then actually set it up together over the weekend.


The retreat itself will support you to check in with yourself, follow your intuition, and let yourself be guided and nourished. Practicing this at the retreat will create ripple effects when you’re back home.
By the end of the retreat, you’ll have clear next steps, a brand new supportive system, tons of inspiration, and a full heart.

(And probably a bunch of new recipe ideas too, let’s be honest.)

This is where the magic happens. ✨

When thoughtful, creative people gather, good things happen. Every element of this retreat has been designed to promote thoughtful connection: to yourself, to your business, and to others.

We’ll work, we’ll play, we’ll rest, we’ll eat. We’ll take tangible steps in our businesses while surrounded by good vibes and good people. Join us!

So, does this sound like you? ➡️

⏰ You want some peaceful downtime to work on your business instead of in it

🧭 You’re looking for guidance & inspiration as you figure out your next right steps

📣 You’re ready to show up & be seen and share your gifts with the world

👩🏻‍💻 You want some dedicated time to set up better systems & processes

❤️ You want to make genuine connections with thoughtful entrepreneurs 

🥘 You want to be nourished by delicious food designed to support your best work


If you’re a small business owner who’s been meaning to work ON your business rather than inside of it then you MUST attend this retreat. By the end of the weekend, I not only got so much clarity and new ideas but I actually hit publish on a new sales page!

This dedicated time away from your day-to-day routine with a wonderful group of humans is the best way to not only get new perspective or ideas for anything you’re feeling remotely stuck on but just a lovely space and energy to be in. Oh and you cannot forget the incredible meals created by Sonja of Nurture Retreats, always made with so much love, intention and deliciousness! I cannot wait to attend the next one!

Romina Kwong | Eco-Friendly Events

About Me

Hi, I’m Steph, and I’m a self-proclaimed slowpreneur. 

In 2022, after a couple years of pandemic coping, I was hit with a solid case of emotional burnout and the stark realization that I needed to find new ways of doing life & business. I retreated inward from social media, did a lot of floor-crying, and tried to keep moving forward at what sometimes felt like a snail’s pace.

I started a podcast to document my evolving philosophies, and started having more conversations about what it really takes to create a business that can support you & others through life’s storms. 

Along the way, I’ve become really passionate about coaching & support that genuinely meets people where they are. You may not be who you were before, but we can still find ways to support you as you rebuild & move forward.

This retreat incorporates everything I’ve learned so far and leads with prioritizing human connection, practicing self-compassion, and creating a sustainable pace.

Where We’ll Gather

Sage Haven Cottage | Emsdale, Ontario
April 20–23, 2023
This beautiful lakefront cottage is about 2.5 hours’ drive from Toronto, located on peaceful Bay Lake. Each bedroom is private and cozy, and offers lake or forest views. We’ll gather in the Muskoka Room for our strategy sessions, eat at the harvest table just off the large kitchen, and cowork in the spacious greatroom. In your spare time, you’re free to explore the property, take out a kayak, cozy up by the fireplace, or sit on the dock and watch the water. 

What’s Included

Strategy Sessions

Group sessions designed to get you unstuck & get clear on your next right steps. 

Ask Me Anything

I’m always nearby to give you a hand with anything you get stuck on or provide hands-on support.

Systems Setup

We’ll pick one system that your business needs right now, and work together to set it up.

Quiet Coworking

Gentle structure to get work done in a peaceful, beautiful, natural environment.

Delicious Meals

Nourishment & delight provided by Nurture to inspire you & fuel your best work.

Mindful Connection

You’ll deeply connect through thoughtful conversation prompts & cozy candlelit meals.

Restful Time

You’re free to use your free time to read, explore, connect, play, or just be in a beautiful place.

Personalized Gift

It’s a retreat tradition that each attendee gets a hand-picked book & other assorted treats.

What We’ll Eat

Nourishment by Nurture

For us, the food is as important to the retreat experience as the work itself. Every meal is custom-designed by Sonja of Nurture to accommodate your dietary needs, fuel your brain, and support your soul in doing your best work. The food throughout the retreat is thoughtful, intentional, and beautiful. It is one of the important elements of self-care that we build in to the retreat to remind you to slow down and eat well, even when you go back home.

All retreat packages include:

Accommodation for 4 days & 3 nights at a private lakefront cottage  · All meals & snacks by Nurture  · Pre-retreat group call & post-retreat follow-up call  ·
Personalized group strategy sessions
 · 1:1 systems implementation support  ·  Group Productivity Parties · Retreat welcome gift  

The Lower Bedroom

✔ Private room with Queen bed

✔ Private bathroom & living room on walkout lower level with lake views


In 3 monthly instalments
CAD, plus HST


The Forest Bedroom

✔ Private room with Queen bed

✔ Shared bathroom on main level with forest views


In 3 monthly instalments
CAD, plus HST

The Primary Bedroom

✔ Private room with Queen bed

✔ Ensuite private bathroom on main level & forest views


In 3 monthly instalments
CAD, plus HST


The Deck Bedroom

✔ Private room with King bed

✔ Shared bathroom & private lakeview deck on main level


In 3 monthly instalments
CAD, plus HST



How many spots are there at the retreat?

There are four spots available! You’ll each have your own private bedroom, two with an ensuite and two with a shared bathroom. 

I’m dairy/gluten/nut-free, can I still come?

Of course! Sonja is devoted to making food that everyone can eat and enjoy. Just tell us your dietary restrictions when you choose your room & we’ll take care of the rest.

What happens in the group strategy sessions?

Each attendee will get time in the “spotlight” to bring a topic to the group and get personalized feedback, ideas and suggestions. 

How long is the retreat?

The retreat will run from mid-afternoon on Thursday, April 20th to mid-afternoon on Sunday, April 23rd.

Is this venue accessible?

There are four steps up from the driveway to the main house (see photo). From there, three of the four bedrooms, the kitchen & dining rooms, and all other retreat areas are all on the same level. If you have accessibility requirements, please email me to confirm details before registering.


The retreat is an opportunity to get in the flow and do work that feels channelled.

The first day of hot seat sessions provides so much clarity thanks to the collective wisdom of the group. From there, the work feels easy. There’s time to work solo and then if you get stuck, you have the tech wiz and business coach extraordinaire Steph on hand to get you back on track, along with a group of fellow brilliant entrepreneurs. You don’t have to think about anything else, as Sonja is working her magic in the background keeping you nourished on every level.

There’s badass get-it-done energy in the air, but without any of the associated ickiness of hustle culture. I truly can’t believe how much I got done in such a short period of time and it felt joyful. It was a beautiful reminder of why I love my work.

Kim Sedgwick | Coach Kim