Slowpreneur Sessions

Your business can’t be successful if it’s not also sustainable.

Be honest with yourself: Do you feel supported in your business? Do you know where you’re headed? Can you keep going the way you’ve been going? 

If your answer is no, you’re not alone. We are all struggling to cope with the pressures of running a business while also supporting ourselves as humans, and finding that balance is not easy. I’ve been on my own journey to find ways of making my business more sustainable and supportive to me, and have uncovered a few key areas that can make a big impact on how we feel as we move towards our goals.

This year, I’m offering Slowpreneur Sessions: 1:1 coaching sessions designed to improve your strategy, systems & self-care as an entrepreneur.

The Slowpreneur Framework

To have a successful & sustainable business, there are three key ingredients that I think entrepreneurs need to prioritize:


To get where you’re going, you need a map. Whether we’re talking about your marketing or your business model, we need to make sure that you have clarity of purpose to use your time wisely.


There is at least one system out there that would save you time, money, and energy that you haven’t implemented yet. Let’s figure out what that linchpin is, and make a plan to set it up.


Without filling your cup, you can only keep going for so long before you burn out. Let’s look at your motivation, your habits and your inspiration so that you can feel good while you do good.
Together, we’ll work through my sustainable business framework and create a simple, manageable action plan to take supportive next steps in each area.

About Me

Hi, I’m Steph, and I’m a self-proclaimed slowpreneur. 

In 2022, after a couple years of pandemic coping, I was hit with a solid case of emotional burnout and the stark realization that I needed to find new ways of doing life & business. I retreated inward from social media, did a lot of floor-crying, and tried to keep moving forward at what sometimes felt like a snail’s pace.

I started a podcast to document my evolving philosophies, and started having more conversations about what it really takes to create a business that can support you & others through life’s storms. 

I’m not finished learning, but along the way, I’ve become really passionate about coaching & support that genuinely meets people where they are. You may not be who you were before, but we can still find ways to support you as you rebuild & move forward.


So…you’re not going to tell me how to 10x my results in 30 days?

In a word: no. In several words: no, because I don’t think those strategies actually exist, or work for anyone. The truth is that growing a business takes time, intention, and energy, and those things are not built overnight. 

Being a “slowpreneur” sounds like it would be very boring!

Think of it more like the “slow living” movement: it’s not that you’re moving through your day like a sloth, it’s that you’re being super thoughtful about your decisions & actions. Your business can still grow and thrive in this way, maybe even really quickly! The key is that it feels sustainable & manageable for you. Plus, “intentionalpreneur” didn’t have the same ring to it, you know?

Will these sessions be recorded?

Yes! After our call, you’ll receive a link to download the recording file so you can keep it forever. I’ll also send you my curated notes and resources in a custom Notion workbook for your reference.

What happens once we identify my next steps?

You move towards them at a pace that works for you! I’ll send you my notes & ideas, and you can implement them on your own timeline. If you feel like you need more support in the process, you can come to a free Productivity Party, join our creative community, or book follow-up calls with me.

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Slowpreneur Session 🐌

  • 90 minute business coaching session
  • Exploring your strategy, systems & self-care
  • Reflection questionnaire
  • Full session recording
  • Curated notes & resources