Spring Clean Your Business 🌷

Does your business need a good Spring Cleaning? 🧹

The past few years have been chaotic to say the least. And while we were all busy pivoting (🤮) nonstop out of absolute necessity, certain elements of our businesses probably fell by the wayside somewhere along the way. This is SUPER NORMAL! This is exactly what needed to happen at the time!

And, I’m declaring Spring 2022 an opportunity to clean things up a bit. To pause & reset. To bring some intentionality and proactivity back into the way I run my business. To do a Spring cleaning. Want to join me?

We are having a Spring Clean Your Business 🌷 session this April! This is a workshop & guided coworking session, presented in partnership with The Profoundery

What We’re Scrubbing 🧼

Don’t lie, your business probably needs a good once-over. 😅 In this workshop, here are some of the areas we’ll be cleaning up:

🖥  Updating all those tiny little things you’ve been neglecting on your website

✅  Reviewing your project management system & making a plan for your tasks

 💸  Sending reminders for those outstanding invoices & inputting receipts

📱 Proactively controlling notifications & tidying up your social platforms

📑  Organizing some of your computer files & Google Drive documents

🗓  Cleaning up your calendar & being proactive about your schedule

Plus ‘free time’ for anything specific to your own business!

About Steph

Founder of The Profoundery

Hey, friend! If we haven’t met, I’m Stephanie and I am a productivity & systems nerd who spends my days supporting values-based entrepreneurs to bring more of their magic into the world.

I see myself as a coach in the truest sense of the word: providing positive encouragement, reframing hard situations, giving you accountability to reach your potential, and helping you make time to practice & improve. This workshop is an extension of that philosophy: let’s clear out the gunk so you can show up fully in your business with confidence & purpose. I’m excited to support you!





Spring Clean Your Business 🌷

with Stephanie Pellett Creative
April 20, 2022 | 2–4 PM EST



Absolutely! All our lives could probably use a tidying, couldn’t they? While portions of the content will be primarily targeted for small business owners (for example, cleaning up your website), you should feel free to adapt those sections of this workshop to suit your own needs.

Yes, and you’ll receive it by email, but it will only be accessible for a period of 2 weeks after the workshop ends! If you are a member of The Profoundery, you will have access to the recording for as long as you are a member.

It’s true that in a 2-hour workshop, we might not have time to fully complete the clean-up process! That said, my goal is to get you some quick wins on the call itself and for you to leave with a plan for tackling the rest of the tasks you uncover in the weeks to come. 

Nope! Anyone can feel free to join us to clean things up a bit. That said, all members of The Profoundery will receive this workshop automatically, along with all the other benefits of the membership. So if you’ve been on the fence about joining, now could be a great time! 

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