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Systems & Operations

Intentional business management & systems support for thoughtful entrepreneurs

Let’s make the inside of your business
look & feel as good as the outside.

I create beautiful, impactful client experiences and systems for intentional business owners like you. 
Here’s why you’re going to love my business support:


Everything I do starts with understanding who you are and what you need to do your best work. Sure, I have systems I like, but your preferences always take precedence. As a team, we’ll figure out your perfect systems. 💡


This ain’t my first business rodeo! I’ve worked with dozens of businesses over the years, so I already have a sense for what you need. I love to use my intuition to inject your values & branding into every tiny detail. ⚡️


I care A LOT about your business systems. I actually take it kinda personally if things are clunky or annoying, and often itch to change things that aren’t working well. Luckily, this is helpful in my line of work. 😉 

Magic Touch

The #1 thing people say to me when I’m designing is “wow, you’re so fast.” I truly thrive when I can actually get in there and make things better for you. I want to make every aspect of your business *sparkle*. ✨

The bottom line is that every single part of your business can be gorgeous, intentional, and on-brand,
and I can help you get there.

The Symptoms 👀


➡️ You’re starting to feel burned out and are constantly drowning in annoying admin tasks

➡️ You feel like you need to hire a VA, but your systems are such a mess you wouldn’t even know how to train them

➡️ You’re cobbling together a bunch of different apps and it’s starting to feel messy & disorganized

➡️ Your business is being held together by the digital equivalent of a paperclip (or worse, an actual paperclip 📎)

➡️ You’ve tried to DIY the setup of so many systems, but keep getting overwhelmed and abandoning them

➡️ When customers click “check out”, they arrive in a totally different universe where your branding is nowhere to be seen

...that's where I come in.

Hi, I’m Steph! 👋🏼

I’ve been a lot of things over the years: virtual assistant, marketing consultant, video host, blogger, business coach, community leader. Along the way, I’ve learned a lot about the systems that run the internet, small businesses, and corporations. (Spoiler: there are a LOT of super-clunky Excel spreadsheets out there, I’ll tell ya..)

I’ve seen how the right system can make an entrepreneur literally feel 10x more confident about their business, or bring in more income overnight, or be the difference between bliss & burnout. The right system can be magic.

So yeah, I guess you could say I’m a bit of a nerd when it comes to systems. 🤓  I think they’re the key to having a steady, sustainable business that feels like YOU. And I want to help you set them up. Ready?



Sonja Seiler

For years, the checkout process for my retreat was a combination of guests checking out on one platform, tracking workshop facilitators on another, with communications in a third. It worked, but it meant keeping track of everything in my head and manually performing real-time tasks, which weren’t always possible. 

Enter Steph. Not only did she help chat through the workflow we needed to build to make the process meaningful (and beautiful!) for my clients, she figured out creative workarounds for hurdles we encountered. In what would have taken me days (or let’s be honest, months) to figure out, Steph and her genius systems brain and tech & design savvy set me up for success in just one package. 

Now, my new intake process flows smoothly, is fully branded and even got compliments from guests that have enjoyed using it! I can’t tell you the RELIEF I felt when she helped me with this, and the flow and ease it brings to my checkout process, so I can focus on other things in my business that I feel a lot more qualified and excited to do.

The Solutions ✅

Need more business support? Steph, at your service! You can check out my current offerings below 

Business Management

Thought partnership, operations support & systems design for your business. I’ll be your right-hand girl, working alongside you to identify gaps, build out new systems and offerings, and provide you with tech support and accountability. Basically: I’ll pour love, care, and intention into your business as if it were my own.

  • Monthly business strategy sessions
  • Weekly asynchronous connection to me
  • Unlimited operations, project management & systems support
  • Personalized suggestions, recommendations & research

$1200/month plus tax


The Checkup 🔎

Looking for a systems sounding board? We’ll talk through any sticky systems issues you’re having, and identify the best apps & action steps for you.

  • 60 minute systems strategy session
  • Ask me anything systems-related
  • Personalized recommendations

$300 plus tax


The Mini ⚡️

Need to spruce things up behind-the-scenes? We’ll create a system that leaves you feeling more organized and in control of your work business. 

  • Fully branded setup of one internal business system: appointment scheduler, project manager, email sequence, or proposal template
  • Two 30-minute calls
  • Two weeks of tech support

$500 plus tax


The Setup ⚙️

Want a systems fairy godmother for your service business? Let’s work together to build you the perfect business back office & optimize your client experience.

  • Fully branded setup of your customer relationship management system (ex. Honeybook, Dubsado, etc.) 
  • Includes a Mini setup of your choice
  • Three 60-minute calls
  • Two months of tech support

$2000 plus tax


In my time with Steph, I was really amazed that we ended up being able to accomplish even more than I expected. Steph is so fast and thorough, and I was so happy with the results.

My newsletter template went from basic to branded, and it’s a format I can replicate again and again, very easily. And now I have a welcome email, which is a project I had been putting off for a while! 

If you have projects that are lingering because you’re not sure how best to make them look or feel the way you want, working with Steph is a great investment. 

Amy Sedgwick
Holistic Therapist

Frequently Asked Questions ✨ 

Why are you offering operations support?

My goal is always to make your business more fun & enjoyable for you to run. Even though I love coaching, I also know you don’t always need more coaching or courses or tutorials to make progress or get unstuck. Sometimes you just need an expert to jump in and do stuff for you. 🙋🏻‍♀️

What if I don’t know what I need help with?

That’s totally fine! We’ll just start with The Checkup to figure out where your systems might be lacking, and make a plan to put them in place. From there, you can either DIY the solutions, or we can work together again to set things up for you.

What do you mean by “unlimited”?

I mean as many things as I can reasonably do while sticking to a healthy work-life balance and keeping my own nervous system regulated. I believe we all deserve to have a calm & sustainable business, myself included! (Trust me: you will still get a lot out of me, I am FAST.)

Do you only work with specific systems?

Nope! There are some platforms I love (Honeybook, Mailerlite, Notion: here’s looking at you, kids 😉) but I have worked with so many others over the years, including pretty niche industry-specific CRMs like Owl Practice & TaxDome. Trust me: if I don’t know it, I can learn it. 

Will you create my branding for me?

I’m not a brand designer, so I use your existing brand assets, colours & fonts to make your systems shine and feel like the rest of your brand. If you don’t have a brand yet, I can put you in touch with a great designer!

Do you offer payment plans?

For any package above $500, it’s my default! I also believe it’s unethical to charge more for giving people better cashflow (h/t to Kelly Diels) so my plans are simply the total cost of the package divided evenly into three monthly payments. 


PS. Wanna chat? ☎️

Have more questions or want to learn more about any of my business support services? Let’s have a quick call to see whether my approach is the right fit for you! Feel free to book a time below that works for you 😍