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75 Easy: My New Motto for Business & Life

In this episode, I share my new motto – 75 Easy! – and how it has been inspiring me to make better decisions for myself. I also discuss how we desperately need to break up with the idea that harder things are always more worthwhile, and give you a few questions to ask yourself if you’re coming up against a hard problem or phase of life.

5 Ways to Build Your Values Into Your Business

Every choice we make in our businesses is an opportunity to express our core values and show up more fully as ourselves. Here are five inspiring businesses that can inspire us to be more intentional and thoughtful in our business decisions.

How to Choose What Business Idea to Start With – Stephanie Pellett Creative

How to Choose What Business Idea to Start With

As an entrepreneur, you probably have dozens of amazing ideas for projects and products that would serve your clients. If you’re currently struggling to decide which idea to start with, here are some of my favourite tools for making your decision.

5 Ways to Build Your Business With Intention

When you’re running a business, it can be hard to even take a breath during the daily madness. How do you carve out the space and time to plan ahead thoughtfully and strategically? How do you prioritize intentionality? It’s not easy, but there are some fun ways to make time for this kind of bigger-picture thinking.