How to Do an End-of-Year Business Review

Reflection is such an important part of closing out the year and looking forward to the year ahead. But it can be overwhelming to know where to start or how to structure the reflection process! Here are my favourite resources for making your experience smoother.

How to Manage Slow Seasons in Your Business – Stephanie Pellett Creative

How to Manage Slow Seasons in Your Business

Half the battle of being an entrepreneur is to keep on trucking even when it feels like nothing is happening. If you are currently experiencing an “in between time” in your business, here are my best tips for handling it.

3 Simple Tools for Business Reflection – Stephanie Pellett Creative

3 Simple Tools for Business Reflection

Sometimes just sitting down with a piece of paper and our own thoughts feels totally daunting and unproductive, so it either gets done half-heartedly or doesn’t happen at all. Most of us need tools or structure to help us guide our reflective thinking, myself included! Here are a few of my favourite resources for reflection.

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