Episode 1: Welcome to Slowpreneur

Welcome to Slowpreneur

On the first episode of my new podcast, Slowpreneur, I’m explaining why I’m starting a new podcast now, and letting you know what you can expect from the show in the future.

5 Ways to Get More Support as a Solopreneur

As a solopreneur, it can be so hard to get the support you need because you’re alone and trying to figure it out on your own! But it doesn’t have to be that way. Here are my top five favourite ways to find more support for your business.

5 Ways to Build Your Values Into Your Business

Every choice we make in our businesses is an opportunity to express our core values and show up more fully as ourselves. Here are five inspiring businesses that can inspire us to be more intentional and thoughtful in our business decisions.

How to Do an End-of-Year Business Review

Reflection is such an important part of closing out the year and looking forward to the year ahead. But it can be overwhelming to know where to start or how to structure the reflection process! Here are my favourite resources for making your experience smoother.

How to Manage Stressful Seasons in Business – Stephanie Pellett Creative

How to Manage Stressful Seasons in Business

When work gets stressful, all our good habits have a tendency to go straight out the window! It can be hard to find a balance in the “feast or famine” of entrepreneurial life. Here are the strategies I use to manage work during busy seasons of business.

Best Systems & Software for Solopreneurs – Stephanie Pellett Creative

Best Systems & Software for Solopreneurs

Being nimble and keeping costs down doesn’t necessarily mean avoiding any and all systems that might bolster and support you on your business journey. Having the right systems in place can actually make it a whole lot easier for you to do even more of your best work.