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Sonja Seiler Nurture Retreats Testimonial for Stephanie Pellett Creative

If you're running a business and you're a visionary, you are in need of a Stephanie.

What is a Stephanie? From first-hand experience, she is 100% devoted to getting to know you and your cause at the deepest level so that she can help you express that at the details level.

I love how deeply intuitive she is; how her brain works to see solutions you haven't thought of; her keen focus to research, learn and implement the latest technology to make your day-to-day easier so you have more time to focus on what you do best in your business.

Sonja Seiler | Nurture

Kim Sedgwick Testimonial for Stephanie Pellett Creative

I am continually impressed with Stephanie’s ability to anticipate what tasks need to be done. She is also an excellent problem solver and researcher – I have yet to experience a time where she didn’t offer a variety of options for how to approach a problem, even when it was something that was new to her. She communicates clearly, offers support to other team members, and is receptive to feedback.

Not only is Stephanie talented in terms of practical skills, but she also has a lot to offer when it comes to qualities that can’t be taught – empathy, resilience, passion, and creativity. She is an invaluable addition to an organization.

Kim Sedgwick | Red Tent Sisters

Erin Klassen Testimonial for Stephanie Pellett Creative

My business has had two distinct eras: the era I call “before Steph” and the one I call “because of Steph.” Over the past year, Stephanie has revolutionized the way I think about process, workflow, brand, and customer engagement. She has been instrumental in the launch of our new online magazine, where she oversaw every aspect of how to make it work.

The “how” is really Stephanie’s sweet spot. She will help you believe in yourself, and then she’ll give you the tools you’ll need to succeed. Trust me when I say: Stephanie is the small business angel you deserve.

Erin Klassen | With/out Pretend

Steph is a beautiful, playful, encourager, really allowing those who have the privilege of working with her to develop inner courage and confidence in what they do and what they can offer.

It is hard to describe to people what she does, as her skills and strengths are diverse, ranging from motivational, highly creative big-picture offerings, to practical, focused, detail-oriented attention. I have needed and benefited immensely from all of it. And enjoyed every moment.

Andrea Bonsey | Navigation Counselling

Nicole Kagan – The Foundery – Stephanie Pellett Creative

Do you sometimes feel alone running a small business or struggle with where to aim your focus, attention and efforts?

If so, hire this woman. She was born to support amazing people who run their own businesses. I think we all could use a Steph in our lives. Not only is she fantastic at what she does on a practical level, she also brings great depth and fun to the process.

Nicole Kagan | Nicole Kagan Art

Without The Foundery and the brilliant women part of it, SoulWrk would not be what it is today.

Before I felt unsure of myself, not confident in my abilities and felt directionless. Now my confidence has really grown and I feel so much more comfortable with myself as a person and entrepreneur.

I can not say enough how wonderfully talented Stephanie is. She is SO good at what she does.

Erin Marie | SoulWrk