These are a few of my favourite things ❤️

When you’re just starting out as an entrepreneur, it can be tough to know what to use to manage your small business. Over the years, I’ve found the tools and apps that work the best for my specific service-based business, but of course what you need might be different. If you need more ideas, you can also check out my database, The Appothecary, for tons more tools & technologies. Now, without further ado: below you’ll find links to everything I use to run my business! 

Note: Yes, some of the links on this page are affiliate links! That means that if you purchase something I recommend, I might get a small kickback or extra month of service. But I want you to know I would never recommend something I didn’t love and use! In my work I come across a ton of apps and equipment, but it takes a lot for something to make it onto this list.

Tech Gear 🖥

Macbook Air

This computer is small but very mighty and can handle everything from video editing to basic computing. And it’s on brand! I have the rose gold one. 


I have a very old model (2013!) that I use as my main computer at home. I like the big screen and it can handle everything I need it to on a daily basis.

Sony ZVE-10 Kit

I’m spoiled because my partner is a videographer, so I have access to all of his cameras & equipment. But if I were picking favourites, it would be this camera kit.

Rode Wireless GO

This is what I use to record all my podcast episodes! If I am recording an interview, I use the GO 2 set. We also have this charging case which I love.

Apple Airpods Pro

I had to talk myself into this (expensive) purchase but I will NEVER go back to wired headphones. These have changed my life! They are 100% worth the hype.

iPhone 11

This is what I use for all things social media, photo editing, and handling my project management while I’m on the go. It does everything I need it to!

Analog Tools 📝

Get to Work Book

A recent addition to my work life but it’s been so tremendously helpful! I love the grid paper & project sheets, and I love crossing things off physically. 

Uniball Jetstream Pens

Fight me: these are the best pens in existence! I am partial to the 0.7mm ones, but the 1.0mm ones with caps are really nice & a bit fancier.

LEUCHTTURM1917 Notebook

I’m trying to build a rainbow of these bullet journals and currently am on the sage colour! I love the dotted paper and use these books to make lists & think.

Hydroflask Water Bottle

 I gave this as a gift to my partner and he never used it, so it’s now my favourite water bottle and on my desk every day. I love how cold it keeps things!

Phone Holder

Back when I did IG stories & Lives, this thing was a game changer. It’s still super helpful for overhead shots of you working or anything else that needs a weird angle.

Standing Desk Frame

Standing desks can be so expensive! I bought this base online and then screwed a basic IKEA table top onto it and it works perfectly!

Programs 💡


I use Dubsado to manage all of my invoicing, questionnaires, proposals, packages and scheduling. It is truly an all-in-one tool and they make it better all the time!


I switched to Mailerlite from Mailchimp and have been so pleased with the super-visual builder, the easy automations, and the (free!) price tag. 


I love Notion so much! I use it for my task management, note-taking, finances, project planning and reviews. It’s so customizable and can do almost anything you need it to.


I have a lifetime Teachery account with my Wandering Aimfully membership and it has been so useful for setting up and managing all my courses.


I switched from Bluehost after several issues and have LOVED the ease and simplicity of using Siteground for my website hosting ever since.


This is what I use to make all of my graphics, presentations, PDFs and more! I find Canva so easy and intuitive to use and love all their templates & icons.


This is what I use to host all of my coaching calls, workshops, and Productivity Parties! It’s the best tool I’ve found for meetings and streaming videos without lags. 


We run The Profoundery community over Slack because I love having a separate space for intentional connection that’s not a Facebook Group. 

Spotify Premium

I use this app every single day (mostly to listen to Taylor Swift) while singing loudly, and it makes running my business that much more enjoyable!


Anchor is a free podcast host and they make it so easy to either switch your podcast over or start a new one on their platform! I love this app & highly recommend. 


We use Honeybook to run Nurture and I use it a lot with client builds for All Systems Go. If I wasn’t so obsessed with Dubsado, I would switch!


I have mostly switched to Notion for my databases, but I still use Airtable from time to time and it will always hold a special place in my heart. 


We use Asana to manage work for the YouTube channel I host on, and I used to use it religiously before discovering Notion. I still love it & recommend!


I manage memberships to The Profoundery (and our referral program!) through Memberful and I am so happy with the platform. So easy. 

You Need a Budget

This app was a game-changer for my finances! It has a very steep learning curve, but for me it has been 100% worth it. I recommend Nick True for tutorials! 

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